It's Tuesday!

And here’s the Tuesday thread

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cba mates


Today I’ll mainly be waiting in for (another) camera to be delivered, and making sure I’ve got everything I’m meant to have bought for my other half’s birthday this weekend

Had a craving for marmalade on toast for breakfast. Don’t even particularly like marmalade. It’s scratched that itch though.

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Marmite on toast for breakfast, am on the bus into the office, and got a meeting with my new gaffer later, even though he doesn’t start until next month.

Need to start xmas shopping at some point, but had put it all off until we moved house. However that’s now looking like post-Christmas somewhat frustratingly. Anyone got any shopping motivation i can borrow?

Heading home from holiday today. We’d love to have had a bit longer but it’s been so nice. Dreading heading home to sub zero temperatures and imminent Christmas tbh.

Work appears to have already reverted to “Let’s pick this up in the new year” and kind of fine with that tbh.


Got up early & despite the ensuing cold/flu was eager to get up & at it. Then got a phone call just as I was about to leave from the guy who was supposed to have fixed our freezer 5 weeks ago. He finally has the part and is coming over. He came over.

An hour behind schedule now and I’m by the front door with my beanie, scarf & one boot on and really cba

Done school run but apparently there’s an assembly I’m meant to be at back there in half an hour (8 days before their xmas performance), so very quick chai and back I go.

Got that postponed freelance meeting today! Excited but a bit terrified I’ll not convince them I’m good enough.

Need to fit my job in around these things too.


This is the case for us today too. There’s an assembly performance today, as well as something at the school fair on saturday, AND performances at 2pm and 6pm next tuesday too. I didn’t realise I’d sent him to stage school?!?!


I need to sleep.

This post paid for by PROF$.

Good luck with the meeting!


Will let you know!

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Same! Next week she has ukulele performance and the xmas show

School run done. 3-11 today for more Christmas launch moves. Gonna cook up some stock I think, not sure what to use it for though. Maybe a ramen at the weekend.

Today is our jumper day at work so I’m suitably armoured up for that

Tired but happy after a good trip away. But now have that resentment of knowing that those trips/consolidated days of quality time are few and far between

This, will turn over a new leaf and BA after Xmas, that’s my plan

Been sitting on the bed for about 40 minutes now, considering getting dressed and taking the dog for a walk.

Be arsed not barrel aged, fyi beer wankers


Decided to stick Backdraft on. Excellent