It's Tuesday!

The meeting that, between prep and travel and attendance, was going to take up my entire day, was cancelled at 8 o’clock last night.

My boss has very generously given me the day off now. He’s alright, that guy, when he’s not being a tremendous cunt.

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Finally dragged ourselves out the house


Morning. Am in London - had to arrive at 9 to dial into a Teams meeting, which meant waking up at 5.15am. forgot my flask of tea :weary:

Hope you all have good days :slight_smile:



Fucking hell. Force your company to serve you a golden thermos of tea by way of compensation


Morning everyone :hugs:

Panic bought a bunch of outfits last night for the Christmas party this Friday. Can’t afford it so 95% of it will be going back. So silly.

Finished watching Wednesday last night, bit sad, love Jenna Ortega as Wednesday. It’s making me think I may need to check out some chunky DMs in the January sales.

Work today, hoping I won’t be too exhausted this evening to do some tidying. Been feeling mentally so exhausted lately after work.

I’ve already requested a coffee from [redacted] of [redacted] District Council when I next visit.

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Commute soundtrack: Enema.

Actually holds up for the most part. Adam’s Song is far more charged when you’re 38 than it was before.

Also Travis used to be so good when he wasn’t trying to blast beat everything ffs

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Good news lads - the double glazing that we had fitted yesterday appears to be doing it’s job and I’m no longer working in a fridge!


i feel like such a failure at the moment - every day it’s oh, we should have had a jar today, oh we should have brought something for the hamper today, oh it’s an assembly today, oh its a performance today, oh its violin…fucking hell m8s - getting you there and back is a challenge!

(i hope it’s a nice assembly which makes you feel festive!)

Just be yourself and you’ll easily convince them you are good enough :smiley:

Have fun out there everyone.

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Aww just saw that Kirstie Alley died last night :frowning:

Oh and I just saw that she loved Trump and didn’t believe in Covid. FFS Kirstie.

My house mate just got mad at me because I woke her up getting myself a cup of coffee, saying she wanted to sleep in on her day off. Didn’t have the energy to say “well, it’s my day off and want to drink coffee”.



First night of proper sleep since Thursday so feeling refreshed. Picked up a resale ticket for The Cure tomorrow and then booked in for my favourite burger place in Birmingham on Friday so a productive day so far.


If you’d have woken her up at 6 on her day off she might have had a point, but after 10am?

Woke up feeling crap in one of those annoying generic ways - nothing identifiable just sluggish bit headachy bit sick

Time to try to stumble through the day then

I really don’t understand because I often get myself coffee before 5am if I’m on an early at work and never seemed bothered by it before?

Another day of more wind than expected, and I’m on tiny island until tomorrow :sweat_smile:

Just had my parents talk to one of the owners of one of the other little huts out here and apparently they have some more firewood I can go and collect so I’m about to do that while there’s still some semblance of daylight.


Taking a break from here after being accused of gagging for an argument like the hysterical woman I am over people having colds at work :wave:t2: ciao for now!

How is it that time already. Feel like I’ve only just had breakfast.

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prey tell where this may be!?!