It's Wednesday Eve.....A thread.

Evening all,

I very rarely create a thread so a little nervous about this, but here goes…

How are you? What are you up to this evening? There’s some football going on, so I hear, so guess it may be a little quiet. It’s a little drizzly here. What’s the weather like where you are?

I’m OK, got Prosecco to drink later once Mr sine_wave returns from cycling, to celebrate my completion of another module with a decent mark. First I have to join a residents association meeting…I missed the last 2 so can’t really avoid this one.


Revelling in my “silver” award for dinner (patented CCB award system), waiting for the little cherubs to bugger off upstairs and then I may break out the crochet hooks as I spent ages looking through the knitting and crochet thread on here the other day and it’s inspired me to try to make something again


Silver is good going for a weekday meal!

We had Linda mc sausages as well!
Excellently, dinner ended with one child leaving in tears as the other was being a dickhead. Literally most nights, ahhhhhh teen boys.

Still, football, ocado and bit of work I guess.


Evening all :wave:

I’m good thanks. It’s been a better day. Resolved a difficulty with one of my staff members.

Got pie, wedges and G&T for dinner. Gonna watch some Parks and Rec and then the last half hour of the football if it’s looking interesting.

Sunny and mild :sunny:

And I managed to put together an IKEA garden table in my lunch break so we’ve now got something slightly less rickety to eat dinner off


Watching the football.

Then I’ll be singing that One Britain song.


One flesh, one bone, one true religion
One voice, one hope, one real decision
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Give me one Britain, yeah

(Sorry to IvorDewdney, wherever you are - miss you x)

Had pieminster for tea

Ordered lorde tickets and watching the football


Hiding from my responsibilities/not answering any messages or emails for one night, going to take a sleeping pill and sleep it off and deal with it tomorrow. I used to see people doing this in books when I was a teenager and thought it was not only craven but downright dangerous and here I am doing it :sleepy:

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Every night here too (no teenagers yet but a vision of the future). Finish dinner, tell them to go upstairs and play for a bit before bed, both have a meltdown and refuse, eventually go up and have an epic fall out about what to play, then once they get over that they play for hours and it’s impossible to get them to go to bed because it’s the one time of day they’re not arguing!

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Bizarrely someone was setting off fireworks about half an hour ago. It’s not even dark yet.

Had carbonara for tea. Housemate is in the pub with a mutual friend and has asked me along, but I’m feeling a bit tired, so I think I’ll just stay in and watch the football instead.

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And now they’re at it again

:open_mouth: Fireworks?! It’s not even dark so would you even be able to see them properly? :confused:


I’m making meatballs, or as they’re now called, “meatblobs”, since the other week when my meatball mixture was too sticky to roll into balls and all i could do was break bits off and drop them in the pan.

Might do some sewing after dinner, although I’ve been saying that for about 4 days while a half finished dress sits on the ironing board


Which half?

Bit of an emotional yo yo tonight, drinking wine to self medicate. That being said LP Snr sent me this pic on Jackson and his new haircut so there’s that. :grinning:


Mostly the top half

Well i’m still in the resident’s meeting. It is very dull and I have nothing to add. Want to eat my tea (going to make a nann bread pizza) and drink my prosecco… :smiley: I also realise i need to put an overnight conditioner on my hair before bed too cause it’s gone a bit frizzy.

Just been admiring my neighbour’s lovely Mediterranean terracotta wall and pizza oven on instagram, gorgeous, that from our side is a grey breeze block wall like inside a prison. Fucking awful.

I’ve messaged her and she’s going to get us some green masonry paint and she’ll help me paint it next week (feel guilty now but she’s mega rich) but if I’d not asked we’d just be stuck with it? Surely the guys building it should have maybe suggested how it looks awful to us, or did this not cross anyones minds?

Doesn’t even back on to my flat but the interior design control freak side of me can not let this slide.

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We’ve got the lockdown blues here, and it’s been less than twelve hours that we’ve been told to isolate.

What are we doing? We’re staying in, obvs.

Part of me wants to drown my sorrows and drink everything in the house, but the downside of that is that we can’t go out and buy any more