It's Wednesday evening now

Alright? Had a busy ol’ day and now I’m tired and cba to cook so we’ve ordered Chinese for tea. Gonna watch some Judge Judy and eat a lot, not bad for a Wednesday. What’s happenin’?

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second day of job and i’ve already lost the will, possibly a new record but then again maybe not. would absolutely love a chinese but yesterday me was sensible and went to the shop and bought actual food. what a fool i was. think i’m gonna have a little nap on the bus home, do a quick exercise routine and then watch some 90s television programming before bed.



Tonight I’m looking forward to a good night’s dancing to Confidence Man. I listened to the album LOUD on the drive home which got me properly in the mood

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I am convalescing, reading about the Irish land war, formulating an idea for a short story to maybe write also involving comets.

Reading some of Hansard from 1886 where Irish MPs are talking about unreasonable rents being charged, it is weird how different things are and yet also how they remain exactly the same.

Chicken burgers and spicy wedges for tea. Have been sipping on blue flavoured power aid as the virus has made me unreasonably thirsty

Evening. Having halloumi with veg and cous cous for tea. Should really cut the grass later, but not sure I can be arsed, tbh. We’ll see.

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Vege chilli, still getting through the cheesecake and binging on Station Eleven as only have 3 days free starzplay left.

Gonna drive 35 miles and collect a bike for my daughter’s birthday before driving 35 miles home. Might sack dinner off and do some late night walking. That’s me done.

Rained out at work, home drinking some beers listening to Creedence Clearwater. Life’s good.


Evening all!

I sent off my job application, collected The Child and have just enjoyed a second portion of a delicious curried lentil and spinach pie that Wor Lass constructed.

No idea what the entertainment of the evening involves but I feel like I should do some writing even though class got cancelled last week and I don’t have homework.

This sounds amazing. Got any left?

Send me your address and I’ll pop it in the post tomorrow.


One of those days where I needed to crack open a beer as soon as I finished working or slightly before, WFH innit :smiling_face:

Plans tonight are to make a Mushroom Stroganoff, watch the oilball and text various LME contacts of mine to fill up the weekend I’ve ended up somewhat inadvertently ended up with.


Steak, dauphinoise and green beans for tea.

Need to go and sort my work bag out for tomorrow. Stuffed it full of shit in preparation for moving house about 3 weeks ago which didn’t happen, so most of it needs to come back out.

Rest of the evening will be spent sniffing, sneezing and rubbing my eyes, I suppose. Yay hayfever!



Home alone for the evening, but I need to make food for tomorrow’s guests. Prolly listen to some loud music and drink a couple of beers and might even get a fun dinner though.

taking my (indian) mummy to dishoom, the ultimate test


Just made a massive chow mein/stir fry

Bad photo


I bought watercolour paints today inspired by @kermitwormit 's recent adventures in painting.

Now to find out how much worse I’ve got at painting since the last time I attempted it


Didn’t know they were back. Hope they’re as stupid and fun as they were a few years back.

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Between the results of this and Man City/Real it’s gonna be a tense evening.

Hi DiS. Kebab shop dinner this evening. Burger, chips and nuggets for me, large Chicken Shish for Ms Z.

After that I’m off to catsit - two middle aged fuzzballs who always seem happy to see me.

After that, hopefully get to rest a bit - feels like it’s been a long day today.