It's Wednesday evening

How’s you lot?

Set up for the evening


My daughter is making her own bbq now with her paw patrol figures. Fuck sake :joy:


Hey rich, hope you’re having a good holiday. The photos on your insta are :cook: :kissing: :ok_hand:

My son’s girlfriend is here for a week so we did some mooching around town. We had Korean corn dogs for lunch:

I then met my atd for a couple of beers to give my son and his gf some time to themselves. On my way home now to make beef kofta curry.


are those sofas that come in a box a bit shit? reckon they are aren’t they

gonna go to our new local supermarket, a big tescos. rip morrisons I wanna run to u.


you’re not in Croyde are you?

I got one for sheer convenience. It’s okay tbh but anyone who isn’t as tall as me says it’s quite high. Isn’t great to lie down on either because it’s feels quite narrow.

I was today, for a beach day. But staying about 15 miles north in Combe Martin. Have really nice memories of a week in Croyde with my wife when she finished uni in 2011. Lovely place.



I was also in Croyde in the summer of 2011, getting pissed and smoking loads of weed in a deck chair.

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Solo pinting. Love a Wednesday solo pint


Bought m a chicken kebab and chips from turkish delight so i can steal half her chips and bread and make a chip kebab, that tomato sauce they do is so good for drenching chips in - they make it sound so appealing too :see_no_evil:

Might cmapaign for them to make soggy chip wrap a menu staple


The thatch :heart:

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This one. Got it for less. Would be fuming if I paid that amount, despite it being pretty solid and seemingly hardwearing.


sofas are so expensive, what the fuck man

Had one of those ‘how is your mental health’ chats with my manager, honestly nothing makes me clam up as quickly. Absolutely no way I’m opening up about anything to my fucking employers of all things.

Yep no fine mate thank for checking in will just be getting on with it then thanks bye.

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I know, it’s fucking nonsense.

I’ve got loads of camping chairs, that’ll do.

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Found a new TikTok I like which is insane asmr so gonna watch that lady for a bit longer before my husb comes home to find I haven’t even started dinner hmm

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Don’t scrimp on a sofa. Second most important piece of furniture after a bed.

Not including electronics obv