It's Wednesday! (I think)

Hey all, hope you’re doing brilliantly. Having a quiet day - spent the morning helping Mrs Z in her room, watching films and playing FM2019 Touch (out now on all good gaming stores). Just gone back to the hotel for a shower, grab a change of clothes etc and then heading back to stay overnight again.

Bleeding humid and muggins here bought one pair of jeans and no shorts for a two week trip. Well done me.

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Oh mate.

Walked to work in shirtsleeves. Was chilly, but thinking of the long game this afternoon. Work will be shit, but it’s always shit so …


It’s okay. Not going to be out and about too much - mostly in the hospital till Friday and then mostly mooching in the hotel room for 10 days or so. Might see if I can find a Uniqlo or something over the weekend I guess.

First day back in the office since last Thursday. Dread levels: surprisingly manageable.

Morning m9s

Watching Paddington 2 in bed, eating marmalade on toast…what a dream.


Seriously, bollocks to this morning.

Morning all. First (official) day in my new job, then Unloved (aka the Killing Eve soundtrack) tonight.

Facebook memories has reminded me it’s 8yrs since I saw Sufjan Stevens touring Age of Adz. Christ


What a show!:heart: Sufjan.

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Morning all,

Think I have hay-fever. Or a cold. Anyway, WFH (bed) today.

Brighton Dome

Why not both? Gws x

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Can’t decide whether to see Priests or the noise show tonight. Probably going to go with Priests.

Bonus ride in this morning in absolutely beautiful conditions.

Smoke detectors started bleeping just as I was falling asleep last night. They’re the kind that are attached to the mains. Took one out, then the others started bleeping. Took the other two out, but even with the batteries removed one of them was STILL bleeping (albeit much quieter). My wife ended up hiding them in a cupboard downstairs. They’ll probably catch fire or something now. Fuckers.

Omgggg morning! Today I’m going to pick up my brand new Brompton bike :heart_eyes:


Commute crush sat next to me on the train. Didn’t say anything obvs

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RIP In Peace thewarn’s family.

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Beginning of my midweek weekend :grinning:

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This’ll brighten your morning! Happy WEDNESDAY.


I was having a chat the other day about how I find it weird that marmalade works on toast but not in a sandwich unlike jam which works on both.

And they said ‘But Paddington eats marmalade sandwiches’
And I said ‘Yeah but he’s a fictional bear with fictional tastebuds’

Hope this is mildly interesting.

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