It's Wednesday I'm going to work

How abouts you Huns???

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Already at work. Met my dad in the forecourt of a BP petrol station as my mum has made some curtains for my daughter’s bedroom. Had a nice 5 min chat before work. Got to work only to find that the hot water zip tap is broken and I can’t have a cuppa. Absolutely devastated. Day ruined.

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In work (fh)

3 emails in

Wondering whether to make a complaint to my boss about something a colleague said in a meeting yesterday



Not logged in yet, but I will be within the hour. I guess I should get dressed

Got a public inquiry today (via Teams).

Have had no sleep.

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Good morning @slicky @rich-t @BodyInTheThames @rob.orch @weeber and everyone who posts below :arrow_down:

Another day WFH therefore very little to report. Something is very laggy about either my laptop or my internet connection. Seems to be okay-ish now though.

In good news :sunny: There is more daylight today than yesterday:

  • 2m13s in London
  • 2m46s in Edinburgh
  • 2m21s in King’s Lynn.

It’s too early.

An 8am to 8pm for me at work. Off for a few days after today.

View from my desk rn

Fuck, out of tea bags, hate this office


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Made a cracking cup of coffee. Got back to back meetings all day though, so it’s all downhill from here.

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Can’t believe the Edinburghers are getting 1 second more extra daylight than us

They’re starting from behind, I believe

Walked to the shop

The fluffy lads were out balcony foraging





Everything is fucked.

Even though R is very happy to not be in school, his exclusion fucking up his routine has made everything a disaster and following on from last night’s arguments my mum has already shouted at me and my brother has already gone into Man Of The House mode and taken over situations he had no right to (which further mess up things by making it that I can’t get breakfast or my meds)

Can’t even do the things I need to do like write to the school governors because I am too stressed and overwhelmed.

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Morning, been “in work”* for an hour. On a half day, so I can clock off at 12, get in.

*sat at my computer at home scrolling through Twitter

We’re here for you fl

Anything I can do to help —> DMs always open



Dead excited for my first minute of pre-8am daylight of the year on Friday!


As if it’s only Wednesday, tbh