It's Wednesday I'm going to work

Thanks. Can’t really communicate in any effective way rn though which makes it all more difficult :frowning:

Someone on a local history group just shared a photo of his grandad with a pet monkey and the monkey is cuddling a pet rat. Not a monkey fan but what a cracking first image of the day.


Yeah this is really overwhelming and it really bothers me how overlooked it is that once you’re stuck at home all day with a small child and having resulting MH issues that even writing a letter is pretty much impossible. Having similar issues with trying to pause my course, feel like I’ll just drop out if they dont understand next time I speak to them.

Totally get how you’re feeling FL so of you need to vent I’m here, and I’m so sorry school are doing that again, what a mess they’re making :broken_heart:


just mash the keyboard if it helps :slight_smile:


Quick question about Google Meet. When the feedback things comes at the end, does that go to Google or does it go to the Meet organiser?

In summary, did I just send “great bants top class” to Google or to my boss


I don’t have to do any work until I start my new job on 1st Feb. Can’t remember the last time I had this long off without the stress of having to find a job

Planning to squander the time doing mindless unfulfilling things that have nothing to do with self-improvement.

Also need to do my tax return :grimacing:

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We’re gonna break that 3 minute barrier any day now

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I think you’ve mistakenly used the word ‘squander’ instead of ‘enjoy’ here.


Bought a bread machine last night. sold out everywhere, but managed to get one from some place in Leicester or something. Not sure the place exists, which makes waiting for it to arrive even more exciting :bread: :baguette_bread: :crazy_face:

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I take enjoyment from deliberately subverting the meaning of ‘squander’

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We used ours for the first time yesterday! Absolutely amazing. Ate a crusty end slice still warm, absolutely slathered with lurpak. Might be the best thing to have happened to me in 2021. Making some (watercress) soup today so I can gorge myself silly


I usually wait til lunch to just 11 or so for my coffee of the day these days but was jealous of @Epimer 's coffee

Woken up with a completely blocked left ear to match my partially blocked right ear. Brill

I cannot wait to turn into many loaves of bread.


Congratulations! Glad all the effort in December paid off.


don’t know why people love this so much it’s horrid

edit- I’m thinking of the Lidl off-brand

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I can confirm that Leicester is real. I lived there for ages.



see my edit please x