It's Wednesday I'm going to work

It would be helpful to know why it’s there though so it you wouldn’t mind explaining why it’s there and who is likely to have done it?

It’s a surveying reference point. It helps the camera equipment when e.g. measuring an elevation

Once the renovation or whatever work is done, it can come down. You sometimes see nails in pavements that are the same thing but more permanent

So there is no work being done on my building itself. There is however a massive 70ft deep trench about five metres from the building where there is sewage works being installed. I know there were concerns at the beginning that the works might affect the foundations of the building, could the sticker be to monitor impact on the building?


Even though you are unaware of any work on your building, sometimes owners do have plans, that require a survey, drawn up from time to time

Ta. I’m wondering why it’s appeared 11 months into the work, as if they might have detected a problem

That I cannot answer. Good luck!


Thanks for explaining!

It’s a funny looking shape but it smells amazing


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