It's Wednesday, It's the evening. Its a thread!

The banana btw


I’ll be wearing one to my brother’s wedding too! It was my mum’s idea as i had no ideas myself. Now i have to figure out where to find one


It’ll go in a smoothie on the morn, ne’er you worry.

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I’d forgotten that I booked a week of annual leave off for next week. Although I’m sure I’d enjoy messing around working on music and playing games and writing, I should probably do something more fun and crazy with my time off. I was looking for gigs near me, but nowt.

What should I DOOOO

Not much else to do round here tbf

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Hello :wave:

Food? The packed tea that I made before leaving Devon, plus a couple of M&S pork pies
Drink? 2x train beers
Activities? Listening to Jens Lekman and wishing the time away before I arrive back in West Norfolk :blush:


Yeah it’s a big deal in Northants too. Probably why we made so many shoes

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Really glad you’re enjoying yourself in Cromer!

Are you planning to go to Sheringham? I’d definitely recommend, even if for a couple of hours.

Wells-next-the-Sea is worth a visit too but a little further away

Evening babes

Worked through lunch so i could finish a tiny bit early - sat on the green in the shade reading my new poetry book. Then took m out for some tapas as there was an empty table in the spanish place on beech road for like the first time…ever?

Just trying to squeeze in some blanket making before i do more reading and hopefully some writing :crossed_fingers:

Got some nice incense on the go, might make a night chai (have said this approx 250 times and only ever actually then made one like 4 times)

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You’re the only person I’ve ever seen use the term chai. You must be very cultured

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Perhaps tomorrow evening for a little wander once it goes a bit quieter, like we did with Cromer today.

Probably going to go down to Happisburgh again tomorrow morning with the dog - had a stroll along the beach from there to Eccles and back today. Might go along the cliffs and back along the beach or something.

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Oh I am!


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Cooled down enough to go out for a walk so baby can get some more sunlight. Somehow ended up at the pub, it is lovely and shaded and i was ever so thirsty…


I don’t think I’ve worn sunglasses since before I was a teenager

Hello everyone :wave:

Had another lovely day. Went to the pittenweem art festival today and bought myself some bits and bobs

Then went and had fish and chips and ice cream (please see fish and chips thread and ice cream thread).

Bought some fancy cider that’s currently chilling in the freezer, looking forward to cracking into that. It’s like a cider/champagne type one so I’m obviously well excited.


Went out on my bike in the evening sun. Lovely. Pretty sweaty at this point.

Shetland is on later. ACAB etc, but Douglas Henshall is a bit of a hunk.

More details on this cider pls :pray:

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Had a nice time meeting the famous @rich-t in Brighton this afternoon (also feat. @rob.orch and @grievoustim ). Coupla beers on a sunny day with a lovely DiSer, pretty pretty good


Snap! I found three of them emerging from a hole in the ground:

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Here it is! Pictured with a rock that looks a bit like a boob :laughing: