It's wednesday, it's the evening

what you got planned?

gonna eat some quorn escalopes and then… erm… dunno. was gonna go out and take some photos tomorrow but i need the weather to be good. forecast says sun but it looks grim af outside right now.

that’s all i got

Evening @ericVI

Back home in Winch after chilling at my parents for a couple of days. Had an unexpected payment come out of my bank account and now I have £11 to last until the 9th :no_mouth:

Tonight I’m cooking up a leek and mushroom risotto and trying not to panic.

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Got a wee film festival soirée to pop into, then perhaps a re drinks after, or maybe not…but probably


I’m booking the last bit of accommodation for our Japan holiday :grin: only three weeks away so I’m getting excited now!


jelly af


I couldn’t get into Narcos. Have you watched much? Should I give it another try?

i’m trying to eat less so been trying the ol’ drink loads of water as it apparently makes you feel full? doesn’t seem to work tbh

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Oh shit! Can anyone lend you some £££ until pay day?

Reckoning my parents will fingers crossed

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Just had a sauna in our latest wilderness cabin. Insanely hot room but bits of the floor were still frozen somehow. Done about 30km on the sleds today. My initial pack of dogs were a bit toi fast relative to other sleds so our guide subbed out my middle powerhouse for an aging lab/husky crossbreed. It does no pulling and just runs along eating snow, the shit.


Shattered. Gf isn’t getting in until 7 but I want to eat dinner NOW.

Could get pre-dinner chips…? No.

  1. Go home.
  2. Turn on oven.
  3. Put on pyjay-jays
  4. Take chicken out of fridge
  5. Massage chicken with oil, spices, salt and pepper, insert lemon, cover in tinfoil.
  6. Put chicken in oven.
  7. Make cup of tea.
  8. Drink cup of tea whilst looking at DiS.
  9. Do some work.
  10. Check chicken, baste chicken.
  11. Decide what to have with chicken.
  12. Work.
  13. Eat chicken.
  14. Watch tv.
  15. Take off face.
  16. Check DiS.
  17. Work.
  18. Check DiS.
  19. Bed.
  20. Sleep.


  1. Are you Nic Cage?

Kievs for dins @profk @plasticniki

Got some red open :wine_glass:


On the train home. Need to grab something for tea, not sure what. Might get some soup.

Pint > Sushi > Flicks > Pint > Home

No idea what I’m doing tonight. Regale me with stories of films and food DiS!


Guess again!

As you wish