It's wednesday, it's the evening



Guess again!


As you wish


Yeah I find this too, i drink herbal tea all day and drink water and I’m still hungry as shit all day. Losing weight SUCKS. Hence why I haven’t done it over the past 10kg and now my clothes don’t fit. Ha.


Knackered, sad, w/e


What happened here then? @colon_closed_bracket - any idea why I’ve got a third copy of my Monday post? Is it @discobot’s fault?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Got back from the gym and had a smoothie that was crazy good (orange, mango, banana with coconut milk). Now eating some gyoza that are not as good. Picked up some reduced tuna fillet from Morrisons earlier. Deciding what to with that. Possibly just sear it and have some veggies :pray:


I discovered on Monday night that if you select all posts individually and then copy to a new topic, it leaves the OP intact. Which is why I ended up copying your post three times.

In terms of tonight I was just dicking around basically (partly for my own benefit)


@discobot fortune

Should @colinzealuk forgive me for dicking around?


:crystal_ball: My reply is no




just got back from a friend’s house, was playing penoid boardgames which was fun!

Think I might leave the shading on my drawing until tomorrow, going to get a bath and play some GTA probably


First day at new job was ok/10. People are nice and had to just do some straight forward tasks.


Evening all.

Sweet potato curry tonight. With rice as I forgot to pick up a naan. Mini poppadoms too.

Currently the CBA with doing some exercise >>>>>>>> the feeling of satisfaction having done some exercise.

Probably going to listen to lots of Hot Snakes tonight in prep for tomorrow evening.


Just had a really nice apple.

Having a ‘Kung Fu’ bowl for tea. Bet it’s got a bit of a kick to it ahaha.


Thanks @discobot

Forgive you anyway CCB.


John Travolta!


I’m v hungry and bf has just started making risotto


Gonna have cauliflower and spinach with curry spices & pilau rice.
Weird body issues are back as per when I’m depressed but forcing myself to eat :cowboy_hat_face:


Book club and eating cheese. That’s it.