It's Wednesday, it's the morning

And it’s the start of a two and a half week holiday for me. Going Paris on Friday with me da.

Hbu? Good wishes for all your days.


Ooo sounds lovely, have a great time :baguette_bread: :garlic: :fr:

Doing maths problems in bed, the cat is fuming with me for some reason, a neighbour is hammering and i had a horrible dream :melting_face:

One of the only days M isnt in childcare all summer so taking her to the waxing salon with me :sweat_smile: Can guarantee this will become a core memory whilst all the holidays and nice things will be forgotten.


Last day in Porto today, then we’re off to Lisbon. I’m slightly disappointed that we’ll be leaving Porto without a fridge magnet.

Ran 5.69k at run club last night and then got too drunk on about 3 beers. Did chat to someone who might have a job offer for me, which was really cool, have swapped numbers so will wait and see.

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It’s not too late, surely?


Morning all!

I’ve not been able to think of a proper activity for The Child today so might just take her to watch some non-surgical beauty procedures at a nearby salon. Jokes - she’d have to sit in the waiting room If that doesn’t happen, she needs to make my brother a birthday card and we’ll probably go to the park later.


Waiting for a skip to be delivered for all the kitchen detritus to go in.

Take the dog for a walk.

Going to dig up the shit gravel that’s round the front of the house and put some slate down instead.


Kids didn’t fall asleep until gone 10 last night. So they’re like zombies this morning. Going to Croyde for the day. A day of rockpooling and exploring sand dunes awaits.



got to wait in for R’s belated birthday present to arrive…some sort of gaming deck?

anyway, then its take dog out, sort out my pots out the front, reading, lounging, make something involving cauliflower for dinner, watch more football


Currently nap trapped drinking my free Greggs takeaway coffee and deciding what to watch.

Going M&S later for something nice for tea. Baby has her 2nd round of vaccinations this afternoon too.

Going get some baby wearing on the go and do some housework this afternoon as messy house is stressing me out. :see_no_evil:

Working this morning then off on holiday! Must be mad, taking the kids on a train to paris for a night, then berlin for 3 then on to Poland for next week where we get to rest. Really looking forward to it but slightly daunting. Hopefully will get a visit in to one of my favourite record shops in Berlin along the way.

Really need to eat and shower. Have fun out there x


The spirit is weak today, still trying to scrape myself out of bed and over to the laptop

Had an early night last night, it has done me zero good.
Thinking this week is just a write off

Morning Kids

I’m in the office today. I went to get myself a coffee just before 9, and there’s four coffee machines on the floor. Two were being topped up with beans / milk (even though they were around half full already) - not sure why they couldn’t wait another half an hour so that people arriving could get another coffee. One of the other machines was saying it needed a service, so obviously the only working machine was the one furthest away from my desk. A great start, as I’m sure you’ll agree

I think it is - we have to get a train in a minute. Maybe I’ll order one online :joy:

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Hi tilty and friends,

@tilty hope you have a lovely holiday with your Pa :blush: what will you be getting up to?

Wish I could wake up feeling rejuvenated in the mornings, always wake up and feel like all my limbs weigh a ton, and my eyelids. So sleepy. I think it’s because I am a night owl, that’s why, this is not natural for me :owl:

Really looking forward to it being the weekend again so I can reset, going to finally get some more clothes on Vinted to sell, do some more painting and go to a vintage fair. Hooray!


Got to drive into the city today to collect some office furniture that my work is giving away because we’re moving offices. Getting a decent office chair to replace my frankly disgusting one, and a big paper shredder.

Hello! Overslept and didn’t have a shower AGAIN. Gonna have one at lunch. Writing workshop this evening, I have to read my piece to everyone and listen to their feedback :grimacing:

Bon voyage @tilty!


Planned excursions are

Eiffel tower
Bike ride round the lesser known bits of Paris
Boat tour

And then this morning I’ve found the monmartre cemetery, home to about fifty stray friendly cats so it would be rude not to.

Other than that we’ll just play it all by ear! Not fancying running around too much as it’s gonna be super hot :fire:.

Need some cycling shorts (the non bike wanker type) as that’s what I’m living in atm.

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dis deleted my post, must have been just too boring

good - scone
bad - work i put off before
neutral - gig tonight but unsure if i cba going