It's Wednesday, night?

Here’s the evening thread for today. Too early?

I’ve had offers to go two gigs for free tonight, but I’ll be spending the night wrapping birthday presents instead.

What are you up to? And is it pizza for dinner?

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good eve rob, DiS

tonight I will be trying to stay awake as long as possible. think I might have 30 more mins left in me


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Alright. Had another good day. Nice visit to a breastfeeding clinic, where we were told that O is feeding brilliantly. Then a home visit from the midwife. Christ I’m knackered.

Having fish chips and peas for tea and maybe have a couple of Heinekens.

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Just because they’ve bought beavertown doesn’t make it acceptable drinking.

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Had left over pasta was good. Probably have a cinny and raisin bagel for pudding in a bit.

Going to the pub quiz for the first time in a while. :slight_smile:

Weather turned murky, so reading at home instead of park.


I do also have a Bibble

how come you don’t want to go to the gigs rob?

is that a thing the babby wears when she’s feeding

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It’s that noise you make when you bounce your finger over your lips

I need to pack for my penoid conference. Still haven’t decided on about half the cards for one of the three (THREE) decks I need to bring.

That’s about it, tbqfh.

Working 9 to 9 today :frowning:
I’m still not fully recovered from two very late nights at the weekend, a friends gig, and taking my nephew to a festival. Plus the office is boiling, so I’m trying not to doze off.

When I do get home, it’s just a ready meal and and bed.

Maybe a poll would help you decide?

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Because as great as they might be, my little boy’s third birthday trumps all that. There’ll be more gigs (I’ve got an album launch to go to Friday night), but he’ll only have one third birthday for me to get right :slight_smile:


Aw bless, good answer! Happy birthday to rob jr!

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I’m in the horrible wood panel boozer inside parliament but its £3.20 a pint.

Cheers. It’s the first one he properly understands, so Friday is going to be a big day for him.


I remember how exciting birthdays and Christmases were as a kid, I’m sure he’ll have a great day

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No politicians I recognise :eyes:

Edit: oh wait it’s recess innit.

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I’m trapped