It's Wednesday okay

It’s Wednesday and landlords are ARSEHOLES

And this cunt is gonna end up taking me to court over this. He hasn’t even paid my last flatmates deposit back and he moved out in FEBRUARY, and he has the cheek to send this.

How is your Wednesday shaping up, folks?

Ugh, sorry to hear that, landlords really are the worst.

Went for a run and it was four degrees outside, fuck off autumn.


Moving flat today.

This isn’t going to be fun.

Spending the morning in hospital, hooked up to a drip. Again.

However, it gives me the opportunity to sit in bed and read Our Band Could Be Your Life. Again.

will he really take you to court? He’ll lose surely? Or does this have a Brexity dimension?

that sucks

but I think you’ll be able to escape the long arm of the low

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I don’t want to and you can’t make me and you’re not the boss of me and also leave me alone.



I’m fuming on your behalf. They’re such jerks.

Tour this morning for a group of graduates who (for various, boring reasons) aren’t paying. Woo! Cant wait to cash in my zero pounds later and buy no lunch with it.


Got a day long meeting of no value followed by a team meal that I’m obviously not going to go to. Pick my excuse.

  • Sorry, I’ve got other plans
  • Sorry, my teeth are still recovering from my dental work at the weekend
  • Sorry, my hamster’s not very well at the moment and I’d hate myself forever if he passed while I was out enjoying myself. What’s his name? Sir Sweepington
  • Look it’s nothing personal but I spend enough of my day with you people without having to drive half an hour in the opposite direction to my house to have a free meal that I can’t eat most of anyway and I’d just rather go home and have a Co-op ready meal in my pants

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nah, Autumn is lush …my walk to work today was beautiful (see pics) and I’m wearing a polo neck jumper and a cashmere/wool mix, nettle green blazer - I’m very Accidental Partridge today and I love it


Someone just mansplained to me how accents make words sound different.


Saw a really nice tree in the early Autumn-y sunlight

But I was driving so probably would’ve hit it if I’d tried to take a photo


It’s autumn in Gothenburg*

* or close enough


This is in Czech right? can you just move back to the UK and then never respond to this guy again?

Is it autumnal enough to wear my big cosy jumper? I’d quite like to wear the big cosy jumper.

So achey and tired today, will inevitably waste my off day :confused:

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Think that would make him an international fugitive and into Interpol’s top 10

I think you know my opinion on this.

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Fun fact: for ages I misheard that line as “it’s halftime in Gothenburg”. When I figured out what it actually was, I found it quite funny that I misheard a lyric in a song about mishearing something.


Went to bed at 1030 and woke up at 8 and i’m still knackered. How on earth is that a thing?

Say Hello To The Angels
Slow Hands
The New
Obstacle 2