It's Wednesday, right?


Am going to Leicester later, travelling to an old signal box to do a ten minute presentation. Waste of a day? Pretty much, yes.

Very tired, was up until 2:30am sending emails and getting thoughts out of my head.

What’s going down in DiS-folk town?

Not sure if I’m early stages of ill or just knackered. CBA

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Alright man? TV’s cousin is down from glasgae to stay with us til Saturday. He’s getting a tour of parliament today and then I’m meeting them for some drinks on the terrace at HoP if the weather holds. Can’t really be CBA but there we go.

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Some guy’s in my bathroom fixing my toilet. When that’s done I need to get to work, and as I’m off for 6 of the next 8 working days I’ll be doing approx. 5 days worth of work.

At lunch I need to go to town to buy some chinos for a wedding. I will be paying for them primarily with ideas.

TV’s coming over later, which is marvelous.

Hey gang

Off work again for half term today - so I guess today is my Sunday.

Waiting for the builders to arrive to do the bathroom, after getting up early to shower, clear everything out and get the kids up to use to the loo before they come. Now I’ve had a mail to say one guy is not working today as he put his dog down yesterday and the other is clearing a site in Shoreham 1st. Oh well. At least I can go and have a piss in a mo.

In other news I thought today was pay day, but it turns out May has 31 days

Going to make a lush brekkie involving black pudding in a mo

Urgh, been sick, couldn’t even take advantage of hotel breakfast. Got to spend the day training someone in how to do my job.

Take care of yourself laelfs, you ain’t sounding so good at the mo.

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I meeting a friend for coffee this morning to try and cheer them up.


I’ll be fine, it’s nothing more than an inconvenience :+1:


Morning fine folk of Dis.

Started work with a 5:30am call this morning after a night of very little sleep so pretty knackered, but what you gonna do eh? Main plans are to continue working on a 5-year strategy for my department and hopefully find some time for music/label stuff this evening.

Half an hour late to work but the boss isn’t in to see it. Yessssss.

Last day in work until Tuesday, as I’m off to penoid at a European level all weekend. In Birmingham.

Got a couple of big tasks to get done then I’m putting my feet up until home time.

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Just looked in the mirror and had a bit of marmite smeared across my left cheek. I looked like a cross between Mike from Spaced and a real mucky pup.



Today’s my Thursday, since I’m off Friday. Or is it my Tuesday since I was off Monday. Or maybe averaging out the two, it is just still Wednesday. I don’t know.

I’m feeling fairly positive today, for no particular reason. The pressure has eased off a little bit at work - maybe that’s all I needed.

Yeah, Wednesday it is, nothing else to add.

We are men with ven today, got to move all the beds and heavy furniture up to the fifth floor of our new building #cba

After that i need to get started on my reports, 2 down 25 to go…


can confirm it probably is Wednesday

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You don’t know the half of it!

However much anyone tells you you’ll be tired once you’re a parent, you’re never quite ready for how tired you are.

And anyone who isn’t a parent who says that they’re tired, or thinks they know how tired a new parent might be has a lot to learn :slight_smile:

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got the jet lags :sleeping:

backing up all my files. what a morning.

Heading into the city to see some bands. Will grab a fruit juice from the market on the way. Have to get my Spiritualized tickets at three o’clock.