It's Wednesday, right?

Read this a jet legs, was impressed by your feat of engineering momentarily.

:mouse: is out of battery

might just go home

Just read this article on Anna Delvey. It’s a long read, but good. They’ll make a film of this, for sure:

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G’morning. I’m hungover and tired and I keep fucking up at work. I just uploaded this picture to a student’s case file mistakenly, and now I’ve had to email my boss asking her to delete it as I don’t have the permissions to do so. Thankfully she saw the funny side of it.


Fuck me I just checked my bank account.

Never mind York, I can’t pay my rent!

Going to attempt to laugh about this until I have to work out what the fuck I’m going to do.

I’m writing an essay which is turning out to be more like a particularly incoherent 4000-word postmodern novel, and trying not to panic too much about another interview this weekend.

I just found out Kimmy Schmidt is back on Netflix, so now I have to decide whether to start watching that or (very slightly soured^) new Arrested Development.

^it’s a testament to the slight souring that I’m not immediately bounding to watch AD immediately

sitting around waiting to hear about some work. waiting is the hardest partttt

my flatmate has been arguing with someone who’s extremely insistent at the door about god for what feels like 20 minutes. I guess she’s to polite to tell him to go away

bit quiet on here the day, eh

Are they trying to sell stuff?

Be careful with those, as they’re likely to be Nottingham Knockers.

If you’ve written two, you’ve written enough to C&P the rest.

I don’t think so. I was in the shower for most of it, but what I heard was entirely about god and jesus and it seemed like a sincere conversion attempt

My plane wasn’t cancelled or delayed. Barcelona!


Alright Freddie Mercury

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barcelona wankers.


Nah, just wankers

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It’s the most wonderful tiiiime of the yeeeeear…


You’re not wrong there.

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