It's Wednesday: The Official Saturdays Appreciation Thread

Happy Wednesday, folks. This is your daily thread which is an appreciation thread for everyone’s favourite early-10s-girl-band-who-aren’t-Little-Mix, The Saturdays! Everyone discuss your favourite Saturdays songs, performances and moments. Here, I’ll start

Or, y’know, just tell me about your day or something I GUESS

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On my way to London for a couple of hours.

Greggs was shut so I had to fork out for a Costa :sob::sob:

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Pop quiz, hot shots:

How many of the Saturdays can you name?

  • Frankie
  • Vanessa
  • That other one from S Club Juniors
  • …Mol …ly? No wait, that’s Little Mix, bugger
  • There was a fifth Saturday?
  • On your bike m7, you’re having a giraffe
  • I’ll level with you, I’m just here cause I’m waiting for the World Cup thread to go up

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Rochelle and Frankie?

Had a fucking terrible night’s sleep. Severn Trent (or whichever shower of cunts they’ve contracted for the work) have decided it’s fine to do construction work through the night on occasions over the last few weeks, so was kept awake by that again.

Should go to the gym in a bit, but really not feeling up to much right now.

Are The Saturdays the worst of all the girl bands of recent times? I think the answer is probably yes. Can’t think of any bangers off the top of my head.

Dont think I know any Saturdays songs or members to be honest. Sorry Rarity.

Another long day coming up with our excellent drama performance this evening.
Got my checked dress on though so that’s all fine.

You’re not just let me down, you’ve let yourself down and you’ve let this thread down

(Checked dress sounds gorge though :heart_eyes:)

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“I’m not going to be the person I’m expected to be any more” (0:24)

Another day of finance conference. Next up: A new approach to working capital :no_mouth:

thought there was a dead mouse in the middle of my kitchen floor. stomped about… nothing. tried to pick him up and he ran away.

sleepy mouse


The song Sleepy Mouse by The Saturdays


I remember the Saturdays teaming up with Flo Rida in their quest to get a number one, as he kept beating them to it. It got to number ten.

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Morning Rarity, all,

Still kicking back in bed at the moment, need to get started on work really want to finish early as we’re off to London to see Foxing later and hopefully meeting @elthamsmateowen. Hold up! Is this the gig that Spielbergs are supporting? Think i was meant to get into them, right, musos?

Ok, getting up. Doing a porridge. Doing a turmeric tea. Doing a work WORLD CUP! Have a good time today.

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the number of churches the Saturdays burnt down = how many of their members I could name :man_shrugging:

Yes. I saw Speilbergs a few months back. They were great live.

I wish I’d got tickets for tonight. Now I’m working until 9pm

don’t know if that’s a lot or what

Left home at half 5 this morning. Now in Cardiff :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Good morning Rarity and everyone.

Today is my Friday! Then I have a one day weekend, then work on Friday, then actual weekend!.. I took the day off tomorrow as I had toil from doing a first aid course and I’m going to see a band (Foxing) tonight and want to not have that stressed feeling of work looming over me.

REALLY need to get my motivation back. I haven’t got up early for exercise once this week :sob:

Oooh I think I know and like a Saturday’s track, just looked for it and couldn’t find it though. I think they are dancing on moving platforms in it. YouTube seems to only have 3 Saturday songs…
Remember when Franki was going out with Dougie from Mcfly?

Seeing my little sister tonight :blush::heart_eyes::tada:

Love you x

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I remember on a non uniform day these 5 girls had arranged to come in to school as the Saturdays so they all wore the coloured tights from the video to Up(?), here ends my Saturdays experience