It's Wednesday today isn't it


I’ve got a leaving do to go to later.

Bloody freezing isn’t it. My Garmin was showing -3 on my ride back from the cinema last night. Was quite unpleasant tbqh.

Anything going on today?


Well apparently the bots have hit but they’re a bit shit at calendars?

This is some next level stuff, to be fair.

Also, it is, indeed, fucking cold. There was a guy on my tube in who was wearing a light long-sleeved cotton t-shirt, cargo shorts and trainers with no socks. WTAF?


why on earth is everybody loves raymond still on TV in the mornings? that’s what i wanna know.


really need a job


I remember asking myself the same question the last time I was up early for no reason. Maybe you’re the reason - was all the advertising strangely relevant to your life?


Oh and I just finished Red Riding 1977 which means my next book is actually a recommendation from @Balonz so wish me the best


there’s a cadbury’s ad and that lad off the inbetweeners on an ad for game. gonna say… no.


Glasgow is nice, again.

Wednesday feels like Friday because I’ve only got two left classes after today. My new timetable is really front loaded and I’ve been really tired.


That left when too far left!!!


Good morning


Gut morn. Finding it difficult to summon the energy to get out of warmbed

Gonna do some painting before work


Orcs or Space Marines?



cba/nothing to report



[details=Click here for todays summary-]nothing to report

have a nice day x


You’re not the boss of me.


Oh how do you do the toggly?


There are still people out cycling in shorts. Keep those knees covered, folk.


starting legal proceedings against a company who hasn’t paid me. party.gif


Off to watch Pixies tonight.


Been paid today which is great. Also bad because it’s immediately going on Christmas presents. Trying to get it all done by the end of today so I don’t have to think about it again ever.