It's Wednesday!



:wave: We’re only half way :grimacing:

How are you? … no, not you! …YOU!!


Hello Witches! I am a bit deaf after going too see Holy Fuck play last night. Otherwise I’m good. I’m going to help the missus study later on and I have band practice possibly followed by an open mic this evening.

How are YOU?


Oh, I just realised it’s my brothers’ birthday today! Hurrah!


Hiya Kallgeese!! Ooo. Did you enjoy the gig? Ah I’m grand ta. This is my current position -

Reaaaally need to get up but I want someone to bring me another cup of tea. As you can see mine is empty :sob:


I love your duvet cover!


Just took me a good 10 mins to find my headphones

Got an important-ish meeting tomorrow so got a lot to do.

Lovely day at the moment though.

@Witches are you wearing socks there? In bed in summer?


The gig was great! I’ve waited years to see them so was delighted that they were good.

Tea? Do you want this mug?


Aw thank you!! It’s from IKEA.

@unlucky what?? What makes you say that? That’s a blanket at the end of the bed! No socks here :smiley:


A blanket not a duvet?! Interesting :thinking:


Morning folks. My son got all his bodily fluids over my dressinggown, so now I’m sat on the sofa naked while he farts on me instead. This is the life!


Ah thank you! Any excuse for a trip to IKEA. Great soft furnishings and Swedish food, what more could you ask for of a shop?!
Hope you’re having a good Wednesday so far :slight_smile:


On day 2 of my attempt to


in to work 4 days in a row. My legs are already feeling it…


Morning all,
Very pleasant morn in Glasgow. Got meetings and interviews and stuff today.


what! Are you mad? The photo shows a duvet AND a blanket :stuck_out_tongue:

@kallgeese I got myself a coffee!! Yay!!


Top drawer Coordinating there Witches :+1::grinning:


I will say I got the duvet cover a while ago… but they always have good bedding so go anyway!! I still regret not getting some really nice yellow bedding years ago… sigh :cry:


Oh and too many shapes, colours and patterns to work out what’s there :grinning:


Haha, you’ve just described my entire flat.


That’s the worst isn’t it! It happens all the time with places like Lidl, you umm and ahh about getting something and then it’s gone :broken_heart:


Nice mug!