It's wednesday!

Up early to go for a run, slightly amazed I managed to get up tbh. Back to work today, boo. Hoping it’ll be fairly easygoing though. Going out for beers tonight for reasons.

How’s your wednesdays, huns?

oh no

It yr birthday Eric???

HBDE if so :tada:



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Back from the dog walk already. That gives me another hour in bed before I have to do anything. Booooooooooom.

Happy birthday Eric!

I stole 2 speculoos from the hotel buffet which I’ll eat on the train later with some lotus biscuits :smiley:


Morning @ericVI (Five-Oh) @plasticniki (Pniks) @Epimer (Epshock) @laelfy (Laughley) @83746725 (numbers), and one and all.

Daughter was a boss with her vaccinations yesterday and we were pretty porud. Reminded me of a thread so I’ll post that in a second.

Got some big reports to finish today and then need to figure something out for tea. Nothing much else to report really.


Morning! Wfh today because there’s a train strike so going to do the school drop off, watch Frasier, go for a run, then maybe do so work.


Just had a bit of a fry-up in the canteen. Was 8/10.

Football last night was miserable. Utterly tired now. But 2pm finish and chill evening with the kids.

do not want

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HBE5 :birthday::balloon:

Dropping off R with his dad, then have to go get a new pushchair as the break is fucked on the old one (v.annoying as it won’t be needed for that much longer). Going to do a bit of batch cooking later and catch up on some sporting events. Exciting stuff.

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Then I look at you, and the world’s alright with me

Just one look at you

And I know it’s gonna be

A lovely da-


WFH again as I appear to have one thing every day which prevents me going into the office. Today is the Sky engineer. Set up my office in our attic conversion and quite enjoying listening to the rain up here.

Morning all. This is my first day at work of 2018, and the sun is shining. So any minute now the building management software will decide to shut the blinds…

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Job interview 2/4 this week today.


Good luck!

Had a massive nosebleed on the middle of the night. Quite enjoy a nosebleed, feel loke I need to show off about it. Also spotted a weird patch of blood under my skin on my chest so guess I should probably ask the doc about it?

Other than bleeding to death in a multitude of ways I’ve got to see my mum for a bit today.

When I lived in Texas and my AC was on all the time I had nosebleeds twice a week. Went from something I used to enjoy, like you, to a right pain in the arse.

Not had one in ages now. Quite fancy one.

I’m publishing a book today! Absolutely exhausted.