It's Wednesday



What’s happening? I have to go to work shortly. Will go for a now traditional Wednesday night #nogelklub bicycle ride later.

What you got?


I’m tired. I don’t want to be at work so massively CBA. But its my Thursday today so almost there.


It’s nearly Saturday!!!


Morning @plasticniki @rich-t et al.

I have a meeting in Sutton, south London. I have never knowingly been to Sutton. Does anyone know what delights it has to offer?


I’m on a train to Leeds. Just had a look at next weekends weather and it’s raining Sunday morning (breaking about midday) but other than that it’s dry and low 20s.
Done a bike ride last night so massively hungry. Might get a pret veggie breakfast sandwich at the station


Get keys for my new house today

Got a mega intense budget meeting

Got a mild hangover

Going pub after work

Got tomorrow morning off


Still in bed. Gotta get up soon.

Not much else to report tbh.


dots is currently asleep upstairs, stopped off in Nimma on his European tour


Think I’m getting a cold. Ran home at walking pace basically.

Construction noise at work is incredibly irksome, but they are at least progressing: we now have bike lockers! Soon to have showers!


That’s very exciting


I woke up an hour ago. GF left her Harry Potter audiobook playing last night so I’m lying here and listening to that.

Have a three hour meeting with I.T. this morning. Giving them feedback and advice about new systems being brought in next month. Today is my Friday though, YEOW!


Almost. None of my pin pads are working though. So huge frantic rush to find a fix for it.


Wednesday. ‘Hump day’.

Fuck off, Wednesday.


Hello :wave:

New house has no phone line (thanks, landlord) so we’re 2 weeks without internet, and also have no phone signal. This means I’ve finally convinced ladytuna to watch Lost. So I’m happy.


Shoulder finally seems to be getting a bit better, thank goodness.

Horrible nightmares last night.

Average ride in this morning

A mixed picture


Waiting for my bro to pick me up, he’s always fucking late!
Yesterday I was in meetings from 9am till 5 pm, wasn’t fun. I only have the one meeting today thank fuck.
I want a coffee.


hey all. i’m late-shifting today so not gotta get in til 11 (but working til 7 boo). today is my thursday which is EXCITING


This reads like a poem.


Burned my throat on a charlotte potato yesterday afternoon, ffs.


Morning all! My Sunday today so not got a lot planned, might make chilli in the slow cooker. Had to have a tetanus booster injection yesterday and slept on the arm she did it in which now fucking kills again. That’s all I’ve got.