It's Wednesday

Hump day.

I’m going to a “writing group” later. Not actually written anything yet though.

Wish the kettle would hurry up and boil ffs.

Piss off winter

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It’s Wednesday
She’s dancing close to the flame
It’s Wednesday
You’d better remember her name
It’s Wednesday
Sing a song
Sing a song a song again

I agree

It’s cold. The walk through the park was pretty slippy, but I didn’t deck it, so a good start to the day

I’m fucking off riding in for the rest of the week. Can’t be arsed with it.

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Having to eat my breakfast standing up because I’m dressed smartlyish for a meeting thing* and the second i sat down the cat launched herself at me

*an all day meeting thing :sob:

Day off today so obviously wide awake already. Got loads of boring stuff to do around the house today. Might ignore it all and go out somewhere.

Don’t want to get injured

Tired because I woke up in the middle of the night stressing about which specific word to use in a patent application I’m currently writing, ffs.

I’m sure whatever word you use will be perfectly cromulent.


“Now Dr Epimer looks good, but Professor Epimer sounds good. I’ve got it! Mr Dr Professor Epimer!”


Not even any snow where I am ffs

Still in Antwerp. Feeling weirdly rough this morning given I had all of 2 large G&Ts yesterday evening. Back to Leeds this evening at least.

I’m on the professional register as Mr Epimer and it burns me up inside.


There wasn’t any ice on cars so it probably would have been okay. Also I just had to run for the train for fucks sake

I’ve been up since 3am.

My dad found my mum collapsed in the their bathroom and she took ages to come around, so they called an ambulance.

I got to the hospital at 4:30, just dropped my parents home. She’s fine and had just fainted.

Might WFH today of go in very late.

Morning all,

Would have probably made more sense for me to go into the office today than yesterday. My entire end of the office was completely empty, except for him from HR. Apparently he counted 38 empty desks on one visit to the nearest printer. I suppose the funny thing was, as the only person him from HR had to talk to, him from HR and I had multiple conversations of the small talk persuasion, so I probably did more talking at work yesterday than I have done in years.

Not a lot on today. Got band tonight, for the first time since December. Will probably spend the entire 3 hours making stupid noises with the pedal I just finished building.

Glad she’s okay :heart:


I still have my migraine. Well probably more into headache territory now but it’s very painful. Never had a headache this long before.