It's Wednesday

As above.

Tell me about your days and anything else you wanna chat about

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Morning Rich

I’m on sort-of-holiday in the Peak District at the mo which means I’m here but still having to try and get some work done for deadlines next week. Have managed a couple of nice big walks though and today I’m gonna go on a brewery tour. Son has a really bad cough though and has kept himself and us awake for the last couple of nights so might be a quiet one other than that.


Can’t stop having dreams about Liam Gallagher.

Meeting someone from the council today. Meeting purpose: unknown. Terrifying.

Uni this afternoon :blush:



GL with the meeting. Hope it’s about all the good stuff.


morning everyone, been working since before 6am at home to try and fit a days worth of work in before i finish up this afternoon early. kid’s mum is away out for their birthday present from a pal, so meatballs for tea (at the kid’s request) and then some xbox.

today’s my friday because TW medical I am off tomororow for a biopsy, then travelling to scarborugh for the long weekend.

i hate having to create a register of items from a risk assessment study, as trying to translate what was undertaken in a four-day meeting into a structured document is a thankless task and will essentially be a) asking for comments from everyone as to how i’ve missed things b) misinterpretated things or c) made assumptions.


Dog walk. Beans on toast. Work.

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Yep! Went there the other evening for a drink too and the pizzas looked ace so gonna have one of those too.

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Windy out

Nice space

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Told myself I would go to the office if I woke up before my alarm. I did not.

Got thermals on.

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Been doing this grief tour of the UK for a week now and I’m missing home and my cats. My son seems to be absolutely loving being in the UK though and is absolutely gorging himself on hey duggee.

Today’s plan is to go for lunch with my mum’s oldest friend for lunch with my dad and then later tonight seeing my best friends here for dinner tonight which will hopefully lighten the mood a bit.

Last day of work for a bit

Should do quite a lot, or I’ll be stressed about it while I’m away. This is weirdly not the effective motivator it should be

Crumpets for breakfast

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I have a candy floss hangover

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Morning all!

I slept really well up until 4.30 when The Child woke up. She subsequently went back to sleep but I feel like a zombie this morning. I keep dropping things.

Wor Lass has taken The Child to holiday club because my car isn’t ready until later today so I’m reasonably free until tea time. I need to do grocery shopping and I’d quite like to finish Uncharted 4 if I can.

Morning. Stressful already, toddler had a meltdown over her porridge and wouldn’t stop crying about it. Then she waltzed into nursery like nothing had happened. The absolute cheek of it.

Dreadful weather. Going to stick some music on and knuckle down with work. Got a stretching class at lunch. That’s it.

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In the office for the second time this week! I can’t remember the last time I was in more than once a week. Maybe even pre-covid times. There’s a big important meeting later this morning where we’ll hear more about the upcoming restructure. Maybe I’ll still have a job at the end of the day. Let’s hope so.

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A song for the day

Good morning, everyone

Stopped working at 23:45 last night. Now in a six-hour Budget meeting with my Swedish brethren. Love the cadence of their speech. Will try to impersonate it during any comfort break.

Erm, not much else going on in my life at the moment unfortunately.

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Wishing you the best, Rob-oh!