It's wet. It's windy. It's Wednesday!


Absolutely bursting for a piss but I’ve got my work medical at 9 and I may need to do a urine sample, so I don’t want to risk emptying the tank and then not be able to supply the goods.

Talk about your urinary functions and any other goings on below.

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Got a lad coming to put some lino down in the kitchen this morn. I say lad, he was 4 years above me in the same school, just-Wales-things. All the cheaper for it though.

Loading up on water before I donate blood this morning

:sweat_drops: :drop_of_blood: :muscle:



Urinary functions. All good at present.

M behaved like a…well, a child this morning. The audacity. Very stressful start.

Got the puppy at lunch time. Going to do some writing today. Feel really motivated at the moment and also waking up a bit easier thanks to my ludicrous bedtime routine and 10,000 props it involves.

We’re having the hallway done this afternoon. Probably not the same lad.

It’s so bleak outside



Do you have a coffee table? Does it have drawers? What, if anything, is in those drawers?

No idea what should go in the drawers of my new coffee table. Think it needs to be a natural process.

We used to have one with drawers. Think we just put assorted junk in there, like any other drawer.

Maybe spare coasters, remote controls, etc.


Am leaving the house for something other than a dog walk this morning. Reminds me of the past when I used to go to work. Got a physio appointment and was planning to cycle but the weather looks grim but also it’s rush hour so probably quicker to cycle than drive so reckon I’ll cycle.

No I do not.

This has gotten a bit philosophical for me.

I don’t know how to… because my non-existent coffee table… drawers can’t… but if they don’t exist are they technically empty… but then… :exploding_head:



I don’t but if i did I’d put the remote in there, maybe game controls if they fit, a pair of scissors as i always seem to need a pair, and maybe like a towel or tissues in case i spilled something and i needed to soak it up super quick.

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Emergency lube might be a good shout. Better to have and not need etc.

Not in a container though, just skooshed straight into the drawer until it’s mostly full.

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Train seat is super squeaky. Keep wanting to shout IT’S NOT ME IT’S THE CHAIR but that would make things worse wouldn’t it.

EiTS tonight!


Oh yes, don’t forget your lube vat. Also keeps the drawer running nice and smooth


Morning all!

It’s wet here too.

I’m online with the graphic designers in a bit and I’ve got my flu jab later this afternoon.

I was trying to find a gif of Burt Reynolds covered in vaseline from Showgirls but it turns out the gif bank does not have such a thing.

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Morning. Wet and windy here.

Back at work after a long weekend :cry:

Stupid emails to respond to.

Keep sleeping in well after 9, winter is truly here


Normal urinary functions over here. Twice today? Making a coffee then I need to drive to my parents to pick my sister and dad up to go to a funeral.

Here’s a poll about funerals and clothing: I’m going to wear a crap black dress and black tights for the service but I am going to be desperate to get out of them ASAP afterwards. After the service there’s a thing at a nearby pub, then after that the grandkids (of which I am one) have been invited back to our grandad’s house (he’s the one who’s died). At what point, if any, can I change into navy dungarees and a t-shirt?

  • Don’t change into the dungas until you’re home
  • Dungas from pub onwards
  • Dungas from grandad’s house onwards
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For the record when I die it will be mandatory to wear dungarees and anyone wearing black will be turned away.