It's World Mental Health Day!

Or so the alert from my meditation app is telling me.

I thought a nice thing to do would be to share anything we’ve managed to do in the last year that’s improved our mental health.

I have two. One is that I’m better at allowing myself to make allowances for my mental health. It’s ok to avoid things that are bad for my mental health sometimes. It’s ok to make adjustments to make things easier for myself. I don’t have to do the “normal” thing because that’s what everyone else does, because I find some things difficult that other people don’t. That is all ok.

The second is being more open with the people in my life about any mental health issues I’ve been having. I’ve told acquaintances at penoid events that I’m having a bad anxiety day. I’ve told a co-worker when I’ve been on medication to keep on top of things. I’ve opened up to a friend about going to counseling. It’s been very freeing and has helped to remove some of the (unfounded!) shame I’ve associated with each of those things.


Quit my job


Happy mhd, world.


Just realised that the governments pledge of an unspecified amount of money to reduce suicides was nicely timed :roll_eyes:

I have a couple too. I finally told my manager about my issues. I’m very lucky in that he’s very understanding and has helped in structuring my work and making sure I’ve not got too much downtime, which was a trigger for me. Also he’s been going out of his way to tell me how useful I am, which is a touch patronising at times but a really sweet gesture.

Also getting involved with the Disintegration State lot and creating stuff has been a huge help. Even though I go through periods of thinking, “dear god why am I doing this who the fuck do I think I am this is all awful” (like, right now as it happens!) having a creative outlet and a friendly group to chat about it all with has been a huge help. GBOL to be sure.

I hope everyone here is doing ok and that those who aren’t are being kind to themselves.


V proud of you Eps!

I’m finding it hard to be positive at the moment cause I’m currently going through a bad anxiety patch but this has really resonated with me.

I had a friend tell me I need get help for something/see someone when i’m like “why can’t I just do what I want to do around this? Why DO I need to be like everyone else and just get on with it?”. I can adjust my life to suit me. If something makes me feel shit, it’s ok to not do it and I don’t need to fix it.
(I have been cycling to work loads more since having my issues around the train and it’s helped massively. I took the train today ok even though I’m not very well which is such a win)

I guess one thing I’m doing is this spin teacher thing this weekend. I don’t expect to come out of it being an amazing spin teacher but I’m going in order to try to build my confidence a bit and step out of my comfort zone. I’m finding myself to be shyer and shyer as I get older and I’m hoping this will bring me out of my shell a bit as that’s the only place I feel comfortable tbh.


Changed jobs. Well, changed industry in fact.
The funny thing was, at first in the new job, I was OK being the ‘new person’ for a few weeks, but then I started getting stressed about not having enough work to do. No one was moaning at me, I was so used to always having an impossible amount of stuff to look after/to do, and having people breathing down my neck all the time, I didn’t know what to do with myself in the absence of that.
Obviously the answer was read more DiS?!

I’m only now finding the happy medium between having ‘enough’ work to do and chilling out a bit.


What a lovely thread eps.

Moving in with my partner has been immense - for both of us, actually. Having that one person nearby you can always rely on, and always be yourself with. Someone whose ideals match yours and are willing to put themselves out to make the other persons life easier. Very lucky.


My boyfriend told me last week he could see that I was struggling with my emotions at home (stressful job, poorly family) and said that he didn’t think be my emotional support at home because he’s too selfish.

Happy World Mental Health day! (Also hi everyone!)

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Hi Isa!

That doesn’t sound ideal. Hope you’re ok :slight_smile: Feel free to chat away. There are some fantastic people here who can give help or advice or just to listen if you want to vent x


I’ve lost weight, generally taken care of myself more and had more sex.
I’m a very shallow person so it’s helped a lot.

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Thanks Meowington. I’ll definitely post more, I can’t really talk to the people around me anymore because I don’t want to annoy them, definitely a reason to annoy people on the internet.

That’s really rubbish. Sorry you’ve had to experience that.

I dunno the people around you obvs but chances are if you’re suffering they’d rather you opened up than worry about annoying them.

But DiS is always here regardless :slight_smile:

im on my second month of sertraline for anxiety, going back again next week and might up my dose to see if that improves things further. it’s been good for me, certainly feel like im managing it better. im still waiting for counselling but expected that when i was referred. it’s been really good for me to open up to friends and family more about this stuff, feel like it’s brought people closer which is really lovely. been lucky and not had many side effects either, one or two that have been a bit of a knock but im managing them. it’s going ok


(Hiya Jordan_229 and colossalhorsey) Yep, you’re right. I am so so lucky I’m surrounded by people who love and support me but at the moment I’ve been feeling like a massive burden especially when they’ve got their own lives going on. I’ve been reading Dis for a long time, massive sneaky lurker so I know posting will be good!


You’ll be posting 10 threads a day about any old nonsense in no time!

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I’m glad you’ve got supportive people around you! Feeling like a burden is awful but in my experience the people you worry feel burdened by you never really feel that way.

I hope this doesn’t sound like me encouraging you not to post though - there’s loads of lovely folks here though so posting can only be a good thing. Welcome!

you couldn’t stop me posting mate, I bloody dare you