iTunes alternatives

…for managing a mid-sized mp3 collection, that can also sync from a mac to an iPhone etc. Does such a thing exist?

Seems to me that iTunes is now pretty much subscription only for any sensible usage (unless I’m missing something!) and while I ended up indoctrinated by the system, as a means to an end, that appealed to my most anal tagging/sorting tendencies at one point, I don’t have the time or the inclination for a perfectly consistently tagged collection these days, and so I’d like something that’s a bit more drag-and-drop-y, if there is such a thing.

Any suggestions?


No time for detailed reply, and I don’t know about synching with an iPhone, but when I wanted to sack off the bloated iTunes beast, I started using Swinsian, which basically is like a slick mid-2000’s iTunes music library manager without the unnecessary crap. Again, don’t know about the synching side of things, but worth looking into

Look into Plex maybe? Though may not directly be what you are looking for

Swinsian, eh?


Ibroadcast might do what you’re looking for -

You upload your mp3 files to its cloud, then can either stream them (from anywhere), or save them on another device (eg phone)