itunes or an alternative...

Alright folks, got a new PC which I’ll have for a number of years. Trying to decide whether to reinstall itunes or go down another route. Dull facts:

  1. Don’t stream, don’t buy stuff from the apple store
  2. Buy 75% of my music on CD and the rest from bandcamp (normally)
  3. Want to be able to produce playlists, burn from the playlist (like for DiS Mixtape club)
  4. Want to be able to retag
  5. Don’t want recommendations or any of that genie nonsense.
  6. Want to be able to clear out all the duplicates…
  7. Use an android phone, have no ithings so not bothered by that side of things.

Tried MediaMonkey sometime back and didn’t have the patience for it, but maybe it is better now? Itunes does do all this stuff to my knowledge, but is there a better, less appley alternative

Cheers for your help / scorn!

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I use MusicBee for playing on the computer, lots of functionality for tagging/ordering things etc. Not sure if the rip facility is as flexible was windows media (I couldn’t work out how to choose the bit rate) and not sure if there is a android version, although there could well be.

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Thanks @NickDS, it’s just the PC player I’m after (rather than a related app on my phone). Techradar seemed to have MusicBee at the top of their list, but they can sometimes be a bit partial to certain products, so was interested in the views of day-to-day DiSers…

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Consensus tends to be that MusicBee and Foobar2000 are the best, it’s just down to preference.

Yeah I haven’t tried loads. Used to use Windows Media Player until recently! Tried that MediaMonkey as well but didn’t get on with it but found MusicBee to be decent. If maybe a bit confusing at first but that might just be me.

It really whips the llamas ass


What does? :slight_smile:


It’s the one to get. Just point it at your MP3 folder and it’ll index and you’re away.

Another vote for musicbee here

I use media monkey its great.
Lifetime license is cheap (or was when I bought it)