I've a confession: I actually quite like this mannequin challenge thing



I know we’re not allowed to like anything popular with ordinary people on here, but I am genuinely quite enjoying this. Some of them are even quite artistic.

I do apologise.

Explain why I shouldn’t like it please.


^ ban request.


yeah it’s good. About 1000000x better than harlem shake etc.

The Ronaldo one was hilarious.


I mean look at this one in a swimming pool for example. That’s actually quite good, isn’t it?


Amateurs, no-one’s even holding themselves under water


Haha, pleb.


I also think this is good. no idea why people (…DiSers) are so irked by it.


Still haven’t watched any of these, not entirely sure what it is.

1,000 unmarked, non-sequential indie points in the usual location please.


I think you do know really


I feel like I do. but I don’t know, really.



dunno why it’s linked to meow’s comment? i just c+p’d the thread?



i enjoyed this exchange with shrewbie


just want an excuse to post this again really


well personally I think it’s that a lot of people resent anything that feels obligatory or forced, especially when it comes to something frivolous as it seems disingenuous. Also the need to respect and enjoy all popular culture is oppressive and cowardly, are we all just passive observers of the world now? Of course this is only my opinion but I think it’s important to reserve the right to dislike something simply for being popular. That’s valid.


In the grand scheme of things I think I can only not give a shit at best.


corporate companies ‘how do you do, fellow kids?’-ing it up by co-opting a fun, new thing that started on black twitter (black teenagers doing it, with their friends, set to a song made by actual black teenagers) three weeks ago? groundbreaking


Grow up mate


Shots fired


Not watched any, took part in one last night. Took about six takes cos someone always laughed. Ffs.