I've accidentally locked my wife in our flat





*Pregnant wife


your honour


What you gonna do?


I’m not sure why but i thought this was going to be a smee thread




Act a fool!


better than locking her in someone else’s flat tbf


She has bravely said she will remain indoors until I finish work and return home.


oh, FUCK!
runs home




Nice. Suggest she uses the time to cook something really nice for tea.

And also relax and read/watch a movie/whatever.


She is on maternity leave so was planning those things anyway (aside from cooking tea), but she was also planning on a nice refreshing walk which I have scuppered.


Get a load of MBA students in tracksuits to shout instructions to her through the window for three minutes in the hope that she can solve the challenge, grab the crystal and exit the flat.

(In all seriousness - hope all works out okay and all remains calm!)


Ha, don’t think she’s ever seen the Crystal Maze so that might not help the situation.

She seems calm, just irked (rightly so). I have promised to bring doughnuts home.


Well that walk would have wasted valuable dinner-preparation time.


I did this the other week. Automatically double locked the door on my way out, got a call while on overground saying she couldn’t get out. She said not to worry but she had an appointment so I got off the train and went back (including a 25min walk from station to home and back again). Got into work about 10.30.


she might do another wee wee on the floor


What kind of lock can this happen with?


Yeah… Me too. Sorry @Smee