I've been getting into Silent Witness...

It’s absolutely appalling. How the fuck is it so popular?

I’ve just skipped forward to series sixteen to escape the most pompous TV character of all time. This dweeb…



It’s so bad. You need to only watch Amanda Burton era :star_struck:

(And dont go into my silent witness whodunnit thread if you dont want spoilers)

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they should bring Waking the Dead back. that was well good.


I watched this episode yesterday. One of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Hilariously shite.

Kind of want to watch this now, just for ‘conceptual artist Jimmy Triangle’


Wanking the Dead, more like.


I must have wiped that one feom my memory. I only ever planned to watch the originals but for some reason carried on and just hated it and them. They kept leo in for way longer than they needed that character which always made me wonder what hold he had over the show.

Does anyone want to read my lyrics to the Silent Witness theme tune? I sing them whenever my mom watches it on the telly, expertly hitting that high note. She absolutely does not loves it!

Sii-leent wit-neesss-eeesss
wiit-ness si-lent-ly-y, don’t they
Sii-leent wit-neesss-eeesss


Oh it’s awful

There is one where some 20 something woman dies and after a bit of back and forth it turns out she is about 60 and had just had some surgery or something and her boyfriend and her mates are all like ‘oh no I was going out with an old lady!’

But she is very clearly played by someone in their 20s

Right daft

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Sorry for spoilers


Didn’t realise it was shit. Reckon people watched it because of the intro

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Fun fact in the newer episodes the skeleton in the opening graphics was the same skeleton used in the graphics for Holby City but graded a different colour (green for Silent Witness and blue for Holby City)

I never quite forgave them for changing the theme tune to Holby City

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Silent shitness more like

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Doesn’t sound like you’ve been getting into it at all!

If you’re doubting that I can do 200+ episodes of a TV program I don’t like you don’t know me at all, brother.


a behaviour I can fully get behind

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Big (relatively) fan of a touch of frost

Kindof remember that he is a bit of a maverick cop because he has an untidy desk?


Might do rewatch

These ones sound good

‘Detective Reid is sent to look for contraband cigarettes, but is found nearly dead on a public toilet. Was he high, or did Frost´s lookalike have anything to do with it? ’

‘Frost is assigned a new, female, West Indian detective constable, Ronni Lonnegan, and gets off to a bad start with a few racially-insensitive remarks. ’

‘Frost continues to try to identify the detective’s killer. The task is complicated by a bizarre series of pet shootings, about which he is reluctantly forced to seek help from a computer system run by a seconded new junior WPC.’