I've been getting into Silent Witness...

Used to love watching A Touch of Frost. Episodes felt like they lasted forever. Same with the old Taggarts.

Fucking hell, some of these are so bad.

Currently watching one called Bloodlines (S14, E7). The annoying smarmy guy has somehow bagged a supermodel girlfriend in Budapest and she got murdered by a gang and now he’s on the run with a homeless guy whose pissing off the side of boat pissed whilst singing Common People, oh and now he’s been killed as well.

I dare you to watch it.

Reckon they’d have an easier time solving theee crimes if the fucking witness would just pipe up

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A thing I was slow to realise was that the reason the witness is silent is because they’re brown bread

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I was slow to realise that the Silent Witness opening sequence uses the same CGI skeleton as the Holby City opening sequence but just tinted green instead of blue

Like they were together in the schedules

It shouldn’t have taken me so long to clock this

My favourite thing about the ones from the last few years is that - since setting up that he does cage fighting as a hobby - they keep somehow get into situations where the big Irish lad ends up scrapping with people.

Every day stuff in the field of forensic pathology, I’m sure.

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The witness:

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