I've been using Spotify for about a week now - here are some thoughts

I’ve been using my girlfriend’s Spotify for about a week now (having never used it before) and I have some thoughts:

  1. Although it doesn’t have ‘everything’, it has a far more comprehensive database than I had expected. I Was pleasantly surprised.

  2. Ironically, I find this counter-intuitive. With access to so much stuff I can never think of what I want to listen to. There is too much choice.

  3. I think it is reasonably priced.

  4. Personal preference, but I hate using my phone to listen to music. I have always carried a separate ipod with me. Partly for battery reasons, but mainly just because I like to have my music stored in a self contained unit. Also, I deliberately use an older generation of ipod with a clickwheel so I can skip tracks without having to get my ipod out of my pocket (as you can just push the buttons through your pocket). When using the touch screen on a phone this isn’t possible and is an inconvenience.

  5. For listening on a laptop with earphones (when at work for example) it works well.

  6. I still like to own a physical product, even if I mainly listen to an album digitally. This is something which I don’t think will ever change (though this isn’t Spotify’s problem I guess).

  7. It’s interesting, and rather nice, to see even relatively obscure bands racking up thousands of listens.


  1. I can’t get over the feeling that i’m just ‘sampling’ the music - kind of like Spotify is no more than a try before you buy service. It can be used like this I suppose, but I just don’t feel emotionally connected to Spotify and it subsequently has an impact on my enjoyment of, and personal connection to, the music i’m listening to as a result of not owning it (I can’t think of a better way of describing this, but maybe that makes sense?!).

  2. I will continue to use it and would consider getting my own account, particularly as i’m going to working from home a lot more in the future with much more time to listen to music.

  3. If there is a way to download tracks to ipod this would be the ideal situation for me, but I don’t think there is?

Thanks for reading.



No, thank YOU for sharing x


You ARE the gentrification!

Congratulations on having a girlfriend!

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I like to have a dedicated MP3 player too. And I know what you mean about “sampling” music. It’s odd.

Re point 3 part 2. Get headphones with an in line remote for volume and skipping tracks.

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Another option - most Android phones let you skip tracks using the volume buttons - check if your phone lets you do that, as that would avoid you taking the phone out of your pocket.

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And if you’re going to be getting your own account, look at Spotify Family - you get 4 accounts for £15/month, it says you need to be at the same address, but there’s nothing that actually checks.

Thanks, just tried this on iphone 6. The volume buttons on the phone only adjust the volume - doesn’t seem to be a way of skipping tracks without getting the phone out and pressing the screen.

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did you know you and 6 of your family and friends can now use the service for the exciting price of just £14.99 per month, meaning you can listen to obnoxious music in one room, while up to 5 of your family and friends can also listen to different obnoxious music in other rooms. Of course this still allows you to all come together and put on a more public friendly playlist using only one of the sign in’s should you wish!


I have a good idea for a blog. I will post a thread about it later on today.

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i used to be vehemently anti spotify to the point where it made me angry. then i got it and stopped being such a fuddy duddy. now i’m a fuddy duddy about other stuff.

the only thing i hate about it can be found in a thread in music

I suppose I did have a conversation with a colleague about using Spotify for the first time a few weeks ago. He’s turning 50 this year.