I've blocked my first toilet of the year

On track for 45.625 toilets blocked this year

Haven’t you been regularly massaging your colon?

never blocked a toilet in my life


At home, but not possible at work unfortunately

Used to live with someone who regularly blocked the toilet by putting far too much loo roll down it at once. My suggestion to maybe flush first, then do all the toilet roll stuff before flushing again, was not taken up.

I once returned from a festival very hungover to find that one of the toilets in my house seemed to have a lot of toilet roll in it (bloody kids). Upon flushing, it overflowed all over the bathroom floor. I’ve never had such a horrific experience in a delicate state as clearing up what escaped the pan that day.

You can discreetly preform one sitting down. It’s just a counter-clockwise belly rub.

is this a social media thing now?

Timmy Tiny Shits.

How frequently are you blocking a toilet, then?

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Annually
  • Sometimes but not as often as once a year
  • Never

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Your liqui-poo ain’t going to blocking owt.

They’ve (mostly) been pleasingly solid since cutting out lactose, thankyouverymuch.

Many congrats!

Since the NY and eating a lot less I have dropped down to a single shit a day. Very disappointing.

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I’m still not back on the usual schedule. I was ten minutes late for a meeting yesterday because of an enormous post-lunch poo that couldn’t wait.

I got this for Xmas


I sometimes don’t need to do a poo on Saturdays anymore, which is weird.

Like I genuinely don’t particularly need or want to do one, so I just go through the day blissfully without one.

Am I going to die?

not done many poos today

Done 2 poos today, one massive one small.

I’ve never blocked a toilet! What kind of shits are you animals taking?


people blocking toilets is a big ol’ dubious badge of honour :roll_eyes:

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