I've come back to DiS after about four years and I have some questions

  1. What AQOS are we on?
  2. What ‘Who the fuck do you think you are?’ are we up to?
  3. Is there an archived thing of the old boards anywhere? I want to have a re-read of that debate about heating plates where Japes admitted to basically just getting in the oven with his food.


All the AQOS people left. Thank fuck!




Was it japes, or J_e_B?


This seems like as good a time as any to ask. What is AQOS please?


Just a terrible thing that we’ve all moved on from.


they realised they weren’t welcome anymore.


@ma0sm can’t play volleyball apparently.


I couldn’t before either, but it’s more relevant in 2018


Everyone’s nicer now.



I’m now obviously more curious than ever


Sorry Jacques, my bad.


People stopped being mean to sean which was a good thing


Couldn’t agree more with this:



a quiz of sorts

a game that gets played on here a bit like family fortunes



welcome back

can’t believe you confused me with jackie biscuits. you’ve made an enemy for life.


I don’t know that jacques will hold the grudge for life


We should bring back Football or Muggy Bonehead.



he was never heard from again


Very sad.

I was so pro plate warming in those days. A young buck with strong opinions. It would have shocked me to my very core to think that six years on I can no longer be fucked to heat my plates. Apologies to the young Balonz.