I've come to ralise that 'The Feelings' debut albums is

actually pretty good power pop. Everything else is shit of course, but someone whacked it on and I hadn’t heard it since it came out and found myself enjoying what was on offer.


Respectfully disagree.

I always think of them as ‘supermarket advert pop’- optimistic, upbeat, but utterly insipid.

I dunno man. When I lsiten to them I just hear The Bach Boys, XTC and Super Tramp and think if they were spawned from the same era they would be remembered more fondoly. But maybe it’s just that now that I’m rapidly approaching my mid 30s that I’m gravitating to MOR

It’s shit mate


I remember the first single being pretty dull but with a lovely guitar tone, but then each subsequent single being more and more awful.

Have no recollection of them having another album

Would they fit into the genre known as “yacht rock?”

I dunno, I’m whillih to accept this is a rare case where I am wrong