I've decided what the actual worst thing is

outside of poverty, death and sadness (which I bloody hate btw).

It is when you are in the stall of a toilet sat there, either doing your business, or just contemplating your life,day,the state of the world and someone comes and enters the stall next to you and starts doing their thing.
It is the worst. Like the most undignified situation to have thrust upon you. Sat next to someone doing a shit with about an inch of ply board between you. Horrendous

Please, dont list things you think are worse, this is just an announcement thread to confirm the worst thing.

Thank You

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Particularly when it sounds like some sort of apocalyptic nuclear combustion occurring next-door. My work-place is an absolute killer for that kind of thing.

so what, its a room purpose built for shitting.

don’t know why people get embarrassed or touchy over this.


Why do you get to decide!?

I’ve always been a bit poo-phobic.

touch move your fucking shits!


It’s not about embarrassment or touchiness, it’s just about the horror of being exposed to the vileness of bodily functions that aren’t yours

I’ve run the numbers. It is the worst

How much do you think soundproofing toilet cubicles would cost? Nationwide that is

I think this is outweighed by the horror of the door lock breaking and you being trapped in a soundproof box with no way of alerting anyone.


i’d like to see a return of open ‘roman-style’ toilets.

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Don’t really mind this. The difficult thing is not laughing at the hilarious noises.

Although the other day I was rousted out of my peaceful phone reading time by someone hurrying into the stall beside me and unleashing one of those “nnnNNNNGGHHHH…” SPLATTERSPLATTERSPLATTER jobs, as I wanted to be out of there before the smell hit me.

Are you telling me you wouldn’t be able to kick a cubicle door off it’s hinges? Sounds like someone has been skipping leg day!

Always perturbs me how enthusiastic some people sound.

A soundproof cubicle door would be considerably stronger than your normal cubicle door.

Imagine having to fight your way through this!


Mate, I’m just talking about glueing egg boxes to the insides of toilet cubicles and their doors. This doesn’t need to become some massive deal, Jesus. I wish you’d chill out sometimes.

Ah, sorry man. The mistake you made was saying ‘soundproofing’ when you meant ‘making audio recordings of pooing easier to achieve without annoying echoes’


Theo, you are literally the world’s biggest nerd and I love you.


Tbf nobody likes splashback when they’re pooing.

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