I've found the perfect single crisp

And on #crispsweek of all weeks as well! I can’t believe it

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nice toni braxton mousemat


Thanks, Shrewbs

It’s too oily for my tastes

I love a foldy over one

I love a foldy over one as well but this oily one is really what I’m into

Have you ever considered being a hand model

Not yet

How about now?

I don’t want to do it

Okay that’s fine

Thank you

hard to tell how good a crisp is from just looking at a picture of it embedded on a music forum

but i will take your word for it that that’s the perfect single crisp

Best crisps are the slightly overcooked darker brown ones that are also folded over.


give us more angles?

I was hoping the picture would show that there is a beautiful degree of translucency to this particular crisp

Ant, I had this over the weekend…

Which I think might be a reincarnation of this potato that the TV presented me with in summer


You’re so right on so many things. If not all things.

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A bit closer up (apologies for my disgusting thumb)

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I did!