I've got £2 what's the best two snack items I can get for this?

It’s very important I need this resolved before this evening

also I know it’s “what’re” it’s not a big deal

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If you have a Tesco near you then the big bags of Graze crunch stuff is half price (£1.50), plus flat peaches for 49p. Throw the remaining penny at a moving car.

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He said “best”

mate that sounds like rabbit food :frowning:


Wahtever big bag of crisps is £1 and the most chocolate you can get for a pound.

personally hoping for wasabi sensations to be on offer but I have to be realistic about the proposition.

gotta be careful with this though, bought salt & vinegar kettle chips for this reason a week or two back and they are RUBBISH!

I feel like your heart isn’t really in this recommendation.

These were the best and at one stage weren’t a limited edition thing.


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there’s a real interesting mix of crackery-type snacks these days but can be so hit and miss

interesting! Not sure what mesquite is though.

My go to at the minute is the humble Boost bar. Some people will claim that it’s “too sweet”. Those people need to get in the bin.


Two of those large £1 bags of Salt & Vinegar Squares that you get in newsagents

Wood chips from a certain tree for that smoky flavour

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never bought these before on account of them looking too 90s

You’re missing out.

oh squares are premium! That’s a good call

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what’s it’s nearest neighbour in the chocolate bar family?

buy some nuts

some pistachios