I've got £2 what's the best two snack items I can get for this?

Buy 4 Boosts instead and enjoy the much wider edible temperature window.

That’s not a solution, that’s giving in and making do with second best.

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A bit of me is genuinely outraged by this post.

But the rest is applauding me for having the decency to say what everyone was thinking, right?

Don’t make me bring up my (proven) D bar theory again!

No, the rest is me really fancying 4 Boosts.

I’m not making you do anything :angel:

Fine! You have forced my hand:

The only good thing about this post is that I’m no longer angry about the other thing.

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made a good choice with the sweet, not sure about the savoury yet. We’ll see!


Pretty good haul for £2, tbh tbf

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Really sorry that the Wasabi crisps weren’t on offer. Feel bad for getting your hopes up. I hope these replacements hit the spot.

all snacks have to make way for the great choco leibniz when they’re on offer


ah it’s ok. I had a good stare in the crisp aisle but there was a child screaming in a trolley next to me so I needed to get out of there. Had the tyrrells cheese and chive ones and they were really nice.

Didn’t quite realise how Brexity the packaging was though :frowning:

Tezza currently have those Cadbury bags for £1 so I reckon a large pack of premium crisps (whichever is on offer for a pound) and one of those those. Wispas probably.

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Just bought these two for £1.99 :+1:

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And Mars bars are called Milky Ways and Milky Ways are called Three Musketeers!

Though I can no longer have Choco Leibniz I fully agree with this statement.

are olives better in a bag than in a jar with brine?

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Depends really, these are good for a quid. I normally buy really wanky/tory type ones from my local deli or Waitrose.

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