I've got a pack of Mini Cheddars which are "Red Leicester" flavour


Weird that they’re not called “Mini Red Leicesters” and it’s also weird that they’d make a flavour that is a different cheese to the one they already work with.

Thanks for reading.


You can also get Stilton and… something else I forget.

They’re all just basically stronger mini cheddars.


Stilton ones are pretty good.


yes, these are REALLY good.


I found them to be “quite nice”


After today’s chauvinist revelation:





Rock and roll as always, Tone!


My sister always says ‘totally, completely?’ if I say quite. No, the second definition as you well know!


I find the normal cheddars to be ‘quite nice’.


I like the bigger ones more than the mini ones as a general rule

Ooo err!





To the utmost or most absolute extent or degree?