I've got good eyesight

Can see things from quite far away.

I’m -3.75 & -4.00 so I do not have good eyesight but I am pure of heart.

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Was reading some notes and Sam said “How can you read that from there” and I was just like “I’ve got good eyesight”

I have glasses but never wear them

it’s my greatest feature

Similar to mine. However, a couple of years ago my optician tried to flog me some new contact lenses that cost £££. Was sceptical, but they gave me a trial pack of five pairs and I gave them a whirl - reader, I could see EVERYTHING! Went back for test with a pair in and optician told me that they gave me 20/10 vision. Apparently 20/20 vision is ‘average’ normal vision, while 20/10 means that you can see as well something at 20 feet that someone with 20/20 can see at 10 feet. Was impressive!

Anyway, didn’t go for those lenses as I’m a cheapskate and who needs super-vision anyway…

If things looked better clearer they wouldn’t have invented the softlense.

I don’t have good eyesight.

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Then how did you read the thread title baby?

What thread title

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You could say that you have… 2020 vision.

I am the only one in my family with good eyesight. With great power comes great responsibility.

-2.75 , -3.25 here

Plus I can’t read close up anymore

-5.25 and -6.00 here.


Bigger font, please.

I think my mate big Gav Buttocks had -8