I've got hiccups/hiccoughs thread

Have you got them? Tell us about it here.

I’ve got them right now. In the pub just eaten a roast.

This thread will chronicle the hiccups/hiccoughs of the DiS massive.

Fucking hate having hiccups and have literally zero sense of humour about when it happens.

Thankfully, I do not currently have hiccups.


Mine have gone now.




No, but I’ll level with you, i did sneeze for a bit earlier. That time has now passed too.

Think i mostly get hiccups from overly hot chilli sauce, these days.

Check back when you got em.

Already excited for that day. I hope it comes soon.

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just did three chilli sauce related hiccups, but they’ve now passed. more when they return.

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Thanks for the update.

Keep us posted!

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That’s something I’m certain to do.