I've got this weird thing where I feel like I don't ever want to be intoxicated ever again


anyone else just lost the urge completely?


I’ve got that atm, but I get it whenever I’m hungover/coming down


Yup, I lost the urge about 6 years ago so I stopped getting intoxicated innit.


Yes, it happens. I lost the appetite for it some time ago for a few of reasons.


it’s been three weeks for me and I just don’t feel it


the younger me would be utter appalled at the older me


I never want to be hungover again… but quite up for getting a bit merry every so often.


I get this frequently but also get that thing 1 month down the line is how amazing it’ll feel after a month and hit it hard, way too hard, and I wake up feeling like murder for a few weeks. Basically you’re forefitting entire days and your health for it and once that hits home it’s easy to ask yourself “why even bother” but I always end up getting pished in the end.


I’ve never liked being pissed/feeling intoxicated. It’s been ages for me tbh, but I still drink and enjoy wine very regularly.


I really like going for a period off the booze. Feel so much cleaner/fitter generally, but I’m really bad at going out sober :frowning: (fine for gigs/football or whatever, hate it if I’m just ‘going out’)


Was hungover a few weeks ago. No idea how I used to do that on a near weekly basis at university.


yeah I feel like I might have one at christmas or something but even the idea of being a little bit drunk is really unappealing


Do you mean losing the urge and stopping completely and immediately? Or losing the urge but still doing it anyway?

If the latter, I’ve had this a few times, which does usually end up in me drinking a lot less for extended periods. Usually I’ve ended up having a think about what I’m drinking, how much I’m drinking, what I’m doing at the time, who I’m with, and if I actually gain anything from it all.


The idea of a lifetime without any more intoxication is a pretty scary one to me, much scarier than any residual guilt or disgust I get afterwards.


depends on the company. i cannot go out sober around most of my british friends.


Bunch of absolute fannies


You must process it better when you’re younger, right?


yeah, don’t think I got a proper hangover until I was 19/20. Thought waking up tired, still a bit pissed and with a sore throat from chuffing too many tabs was a hangover when I was younger, so naive.


no I mean I don’t really even want to have one beer or one glass of wine. I used to drink at home by myself to relax, and also go out and get really drunk after work/at the weekends. now I feel like I’d rather have complete control and relax in other ways.


Yeah sadly this is probably far more likely to be the case.