I've got to be honest

well I’m not an expert but yes

On the old boards. If we’re going waaaaay back I was FoldYourHandsChild in about 2008.

I wonder if we ever interacted back then

As moonface maybe, once it changed to new DiS. I didn’t post that much.

Kidneys are cool and good and work very very hard.
Men have nipples because they are copycats; just straight up appropriated from women.

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I have these, the kids think it’s hilarious. “Why don’t your boobs make milk, daddy?” Or being woken up by a four year old, his face inches from yours looking expectantly at you to see what your reaction is to having his hand over your nipples.


Doesn’t look like it

But look again, I’m your number one fan

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Because biology and binary both begin with ‘bi’? :thinking:

As stated many times, it’s not supposed to be a binary number, it’s simply sounds nice when you say, “one-one-oh, one-oh, one-oh”.


(in that I’ve gotten bigger like Pokemon, sorry I’ve drunk a bottle of cava plus some beers on a Tuesday night and I barely know who I am anymore)


A bit late but my daughter wanted to see the green flightless bird in NZ and there seems to be some kind of odd confusion in Google between Wikipedia and another site

Big fan of the Kakapo. There’s an outtake bit from Attenborough’s The Living Planet where he does a bit standing behind one. Every time he mentions it’s flightless the bird just walks off camera to the side as if in a huff.

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