I've got to say, lads

Morrisons’ hummous is toilet.

By far the poorest of all the high street supermarkets versions.

Glad we all agree.

It’s actually the best of the large supermarkets and by a distance.

Happy to help.


remember going to one morrisons where they had like water spraying all the fruit and veg.

plus, easily the UK’s greatest supermarket deli and cafe.

edges 'trose for best supermarket for me, clive.

Should’ve gone to unicorn. Their hummus is :ok_hand:

If you’ve not been to Booths, sure. Though i guess they’re not really supermarkets, and M&S beats Waitrose for me. They’re definitely the big three, and that’s why they’re twice as expensive.

Might not be a bad shout actually. The one main criticism i’d have of Morrisons beyind the hummous is that the frozen sections are a bit shite.

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Waitrose is absolutely a supermarket. I think, as our boy @rich-t will tell you, M&S is a food hall.

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never been to Booths but looks like more of a food hall set up.

fucking love this hummus


Might be a regional thing with Waitrose. The ones i’ve been to up North tend to be a mixture of metro store and yuppy food hall. Maybe the ones further south are bigger generally (where they won’t have Booths as competition and there will be fewer ASDAS and Morrisons)?

had a morrisons when I lived in Peckham about 10 mins walk, but lived 20 seconds from a tesco express so…

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ASDA and Morrisons are quite big in London, but you do get like proper Sainsbury’s size Waitrose supermarkets in the south (parking, meat counter, deli, domestic products aisles etc).

still not 100% sure i really know what hummous is

alright Bamnan


It’s one of those things that in theory I should be all over, but in practice I think it’s awful stuff. See also: Pate.


you awful, awful man.


a nice warm baguette or slice of toast with a tonne of pate smothered over it is :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Enjoying this thread of people ignoring all mentions of Booths as a supermarket

Northern Waitrose

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I’ll see your Waitrose and Morrisons, and raise you Morrisons, Aldi and M&S Foodhall within 15m.

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my name is bugduv and I’m here to say
I hate mozza’s hummus in a serious way