I've got to say, lads


You mean you don’t?

I don’t either


Why spend 30p on a tin of baked beans when you could source your own raw haricot beans and spend a few hours juicing some tomatoes?


Lot of Tories in this thread. @safetywink
(I mean seriously, making hummus is about as difficult and time consuming as making toast).


That’s like one of those tips they always come up with on those money saving programmes that really irks me.

Another is when they show someone how to cook a curry so they can save £20 instead of having a takeaway. That isn’t how it works! You have a takeaway as a treat or because you cba cooking. By all means say ‘this is a meal I will cook again’, but it’s fooling nobody by saying it can replace a meal from a restaurant or takeaway.


As a smoker who loves hummus, I object.


No one has ever made their own hummus


Niki doesn’t even live in penge. Fraud!


No fancy boring hipster cafe has ever made homemade beans that are better than heinz. Fact.


Only ever buy Cleopatra hummous to be honest.

Not because it’s my favourite, just because I only ever eat hummous when I’m hammered and can’t be bothered to cook, so get it from the grocery store on the way home with some pita bread.


It isn’t difficult to make but I definitely can’t be arsed cleaning chickpeas out of the blender afterwards.


Ah I forgot about that, got it on 7" somewhere. Turns out I knew all along!