I've had enough of this, I'm leaving the boards



Don’t get many of those types of threads anymore.

Anyway, this is the rolling “I’m leaving the boards”, if you’re taking any annual leave, please log it here.

If you’re going forever, please refer to it as Indefinite Hiatus.


oh i thought you were leaving


Hi, I’m actually leaving the boards.

For ten minutes to send a few emails. Bye.


You don’t need to log ten minutes of leave


Someone hasn’t worked for a law firm!!!


Good point!


I’m closing the bureau…for an hour



Goodbye forever*

*for ten minutes


Not since wishpig and her crew left.


Everyone who wants to have a flounce off and leave has done so already



for an hour.




I’m going on parental leave from ~11th May until the end of September. For any urgent enquiries please contact @pinkybrain


I probably won’t be on the boards between Thursday late afternoon and the morning of Monday 16th. Absolutely sick of this shit.


Don’t talk to me or my son ever again


I’m posting from home on Thursday morning if that’s okay? I’ve got a doctor’s appointment at 9, and I was gonna log it as annual leave, but I don’t really see why I should.

I’ve not switched on my off-the-boards yet, do I need to do that?


it’s ok, i saw yours first


happy to form a mutual pact with someone on the basis that if one of us ever leaves that the other constantly mentions the others abscence, all the time. Always feel a bit bad when people leave and nobody ever mentions it,like when @zxcvbnm


Who has the record for most grand leaving statements and then reappearing?