I've just discovered the animated movie 'FoodFight'

$60million budget everyone

WTF - you can skip to anywhere and it’s absolutely :grimacing:


EDIT : Some sort of Tax Write off I presume.

Have you seen the voice cast? Charlie Sheen? Hilary Duff? Tim Curry? Christopher Lloyd??!?!


it’s… astonishing.

The Wikipedia page is quite a read, both the production history and the reception

The A.V. Club stated, “the grotesque ugliness of the animation alone would be a deal-breaker even if the film weren’t also glaringly inappropriate in its sexuality, nightmare-inducing in its animation, and filled with Nazi overtones and iconography even more egregiously unfit for children than the script’s wall-to-wall gauntlet of crude double entendres and weird intimations of inter-species sex”.

Kate Valentine of Hollywood News called it “by far the crappiest piece of crap I have ever had the misfortune to watch”.

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But in production as early as 2003.

All good movies take nine years.

NINE YEARS?!?!?!?!?!?

some lovely trivia on imdb



This is fucking wild

Really not sure if the nazi overtones bit is a windup or not