I've just discovered TRANS AM - Anyone else a fan?

Heard on a playlist so working my way backwards from California Hotel album.

Anyone else like them or seen them live?

Best album?

tell me more…

Red Line is my favourite. Got completely sucked in by ‘Play In The Summer’ and still a fan now.

I’ve got a couple of their albums, Thing and Sex Change. Not listened to them for ages but I seem to remember quite enjoying them, but clearly not enough to delve deeper. I should give them a re-listen off the back of this.

They were fine. Think they toured with Tristeza who I used to like

They were good. Saw them a couple of times. (seem to remember they had a fair few fans here in Bristol) Fairly sure they had one ‘quintessential’ album but can’t remember the name…

Is ‘Play In The Summer’ representative of what they sound like? I have that on a compilation but kept reading reviews of them where it didn’t seem like my sort of band.

Oh absolutely not. They’re all over the place in terms of style, which put me off at the start. Really like them now though.

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Only ever really listened to this song of theirs, but I have listened to it a lot of times

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I only own Futureworld which I bought because it had a cool cover, it’s a good record too. Sounds like Buck Rogers doing post-rock.

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Futureworld is a baller song but I neverfelt the nedd to look beyond that.

Worth a bash mate

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Had totally forgotten about them but was a huge fan back in the early 2000’s

Had the first 3 albums (s/t, The Surveillance, Surrender to the Night) back in the mid 90s. Think they were a band I waned to like more than I actually did. I think some of the later stuff is more acclaimed though actually? Impressed they’ve kept at it at a steady rate for 25 years.

I remember reading about them when I was getting into post-rock and this kinda put my young self off a bit, but I may inwestigate them as a wiser older sadder man

Last band I got into because of John Peel before he died. Loved TA and saw them a few times back then.

Think the drummer plays in Baroness now?